Review: Cow and Gate Fruit Pouches

cow and gate fruit pouches

As we’re now weaning Little Mr, we’re trying out lots of different tastes and flavours of purees. We were sent some new Cow and Gate fruit pouches for Little Mr to taste and it has been a whole new experience for him.

Cow and Gate have recently launched their new 100% fruit pouches for little ones (aged 4-6 months plus) to enjoy. Packed with only the juicy goodness of fruit and a pinch of Vitamin C (1/3 of our little one’s daily requirements), the new pouches are free of preservatives and artificial flavourings, have no added sugar or sweeteners.

Cow and Gate 100% Fruit Pouches

There are 6 different flavours to enjoy including

  • Apple
  • Pear
  • Apple and Pear
  • Apple and Banana
  • Apple, Strawberry and Banana
  • Fruit Mix (Apple, Pear, Banana and Apricot)

We’ve been using the fruit pouches as a spot of dessert and the odd snack, and so far they’ve been going down well. Squeezed onto a spoon, Little Mr has only tasted 3 of the 6 pouches; Pear, Fruit Mix and Apple and Banana. Judging the flavours by how Little Mr reacts to the spoonful of fruit, he really likes pear, enjoyed the fruit mix but wasn’t too keen on the apple and banana mouthful as he spat that one out. I’m not sure if apple is one of his favourite flavours as a lot of purees have it added in for sweetness but he’s not keen. We’ll keep trying them out, I’m planning on using a spoonful mixed in with baby rice or with a bit of yoghurt, maybe even with some porridge. It’s so fun to watch Little Mr licking his lips or seeing him pull a funny face to the tastes he’s not so keen on. I’m tempted to use them straight from the fridge on warmer days having watched how Little Mr licked my ice cream on holiday.

The pouches are a really good size (80g) which last us a couple to three days but each pouch is one whole portion of fruit so it’s great to know their getting the nutrients and good stuff that they need. They’re small enough to pop into your changing bag too so you’ve got a snack or part of a meal ready for hungry babies when you’re out and about.

As a busy Mum, I’ve not yet had time to make my own purees up, something I’m hoping to do in the near future, but in the meantime it’s great to know that the baby food experts Cow and Gate are helping us out and taking the hassle out of pureeing quality fruit for us. I’ll definitely be buying these again for Little Mr once we’ve decided which ones are his favourite. You can find out more about the new fruit pouches here.

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