Review: Brother Max Ray Bath and Room Thermometer

brother max bath digital thermometer

We were recently sent Ray, a Bath and Room Digital Thermometer from Brother Max for Little Mr and I to try out and review. Ray is adorable. He’s a cute little sting ‘ray’ shaped thermometer that has multiple uses; use it in the bath to test the temperature of the little ones bath water or use it in a room to see what the room temperature is.

Ray is brilliant. One of our first uses was in the bath testing the waters of a slightly cooler than usual dip for Little Mr. Just by placing Ray into the water, he was instantly able to tell me the temperature via a digital display. As a new Mum I was worried that the water I was using would be too hot for delicate skin but with Ray, you can manage a perfect temperature every time.
brother max bath digital thermometer

Ray is very clever. Should the bath water reach temperatures of 39ºc or more, the LCD will flash on screen with the words HOT, giving you warning that the water is too hot for your child. We usually have our bath water at a comfortable 36ºc but printed on Ray are useful little icons with the ideal temperature next to them so you know what temperature is recommended. Doubling up as a cute little floating toy, Little Mr has a friend to play with in the bath.

Ray is versatile. Not only can you use him in the bath, you can use him in any room and he will read the room temperature for you. We’ve used Ray in our bathroom recently to see how warm the room has got during the heat wave and we’ve had readings of over 26ºc. We also used it in Little Mr’s nursery and was pleased to see that his room was a little cooler at 22ºc. The ideal room temperature is apparently 19ºc but I find that quite cool and only ever achieved in the cooler spring months.

brother max ray digital bath room thermometer

For peace of mind, Ray has been tested to comply with EU Toy Safety Standards and he is BpA-free, Phthalate-free and PVC-free.

Ray is currently priced at £11.09 available from Kiddicare but is also available from Amazon, Argos and Tesco to name just a few baby product retailers. Ray is adorable and makes bath time safe and enjoyable and is highly recommended from Little Mr and I.

Disclaimer: We were sent this product for the purpose of this review. All images and words are my own.

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