My Ultimate Summer Driving Playlist

ultimate summer driving playlist

I’ve just got back from a fab couple of days down south, hubby was at the wheel and I was in the back with Little Mr watching the world go by and keeping him entertained by singing along to some of my favourite tunes.

Money Supermarket have asked me to come up with my Ultimate Summer Driving Playlist so I took advantage of the two hour car journey and began to compile my playlist. I’ve got quite an eclectic taste in music. I love all sorts. I’m not that keen on drum and bass but give me a cheesy pop tune and I’ll be singing along any day of the week!

First up is probably my most favourite song ever. Dating back to 1995, this song reached number one for 3 weeks, 18 years old. Wow, that makes me feel old.. it’s Take That, Never Forget. I was in my second year at high school and I was in love with Mark Owen. These days, the song makes me think of the fab times I’ve spent with my friend Norma at one of their comeback tours and singing like we’re teenagers again.

Second up is a song that brings back a lot of memories of my young, free and single University days. Every Wednesday the girls and I would get dolled up and go dancing at our favourite ‘your feet stick to the floor’ club. We would always lose a member or two of the group to the different rooms in the club which played a different type of music and we’d always find our friend Jen upstairs in the RnB room wiggling her booty to Faith Evans, Love Like This. Good times!

There’s always a song that makes you cringe but also happens to make you smile. This next song reminds me of a girly holiday abroad that turned a bit sour but I love the tune. It was on in every bar we went to and became a bit of a Summer anthem. It’s by Toploader, Dancing in the Moonlight.

I love Musicals. I love all the songs that suck you in all dramatically then you find yourself singing at the top of your voice. In my case, I’ve usually come to a standstill at the traffic lights and other road users are noticing that I’m singing. Very embarrassing but it doesn’t stop me doing it. This track isn’t from an actual musical but from the American TV hit, SMASH. (For those who haven’t watched it, it’s a series about a musical production hoping to get to Broadway in New York) It’s Let Me Be Your Star by the SMASH cast.

These next few tracks are more recent ones that don’t remind me of any specific event but I just enjoy singing along and shoulder bopping to them in the car at the moment. They are Love Me Again by John Newman, Without You from David Guetta and When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars.

Money Supermarket gave me £20 to help me download some of my favourite tunes for this blog post so my iPhone is now full stocked ready for our next long distance car journey away. I feel it’s necessary to tell you that the CDs shown in the photo above are mine. Yes, I admit it but I just don’t buy CDs these days. They’re old school!

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