My top 5 holiday essentials..


Having just got back from our week away in Norfolk, I thought I’d share my top 5 holiday essentials that made my holiday pretty damn good (apart from being with hubby and Little Mr, of course!)

1) Sunglasses – it was quite bright for the majority of the week even if the sun wasn’t out all the time. I’m terrible for squinting my eyes outdoors so a decent pair of sunglasses is a definite must (see above image!)

2) Sun cream – applying sun cream to my skin is a ball ache! I won’t lie, it makes my sensitive skin itch and I hate the sticky feeling but I’d rather be itchy and sticky than get sunburnt and damage my skin. Sun cream is a must to protect pale skin like mine and so it’s really important to slather it on whether the sun is out in full view or just peeking behind the clouds. It’s often the sun’s UV rays that do the damage so it’s best to get protected and slap it on.

mrsshilts holiday essentials

3) Picnic blanket – whether it was at the beach, in the park or on the grass at the campsite, our picnic blanket got a lot of use. It’s brilliant for taking advantage of the scenery and taking in the fresh air. I’m a bit funny about sitting directly on the grass though, as a responsible dog owner we like to look after our environment and take home Mikey’s mess with us but a lot of people don’t. It also made sure I didn’t get a sandy bottom on the beach!

4) Comfortable shoes – we like to get out and explore whilst we’re on our holidays so taking a decent pair of comfortable shoes is a must. I’m not a big fan of wearing flip flops around the beach, I need a bit more support so I usually where a pair of lightweight trainers similar to these, Zuuk pair of trainers from Hi Tech. I find trainers a lot more comfortable, they’re lightweight and your feet don’t get covered in sand.

5) My final piece of essential kit is a bit of loose change in my purse to buy an ice cream. I say loose change, you don’t get much change from a fiver these days for a small family of 3 but holidays are all about the little luxuries you don’t tend to get at home like a nice cold ice cream. (Just to reassure you, Little Mr didn’t have his own ice cream rather a lick or two of mine and he was rather fond of it too!)

mrsshilts holiday essentials

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  • Reply Kim Carberry 20/08/2013 at 2:29 pm

    Hope you had a great time away!!
    Aww lovely photos! Hope he enjoyed his Ice Cream :)

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