How do I look?


It’s 4:15am and I’m still up, no the baby is fast asleep, I’m up playing about with my blog. I know, I’m mad but once I’ve got an idea I have to roll with it and see how I get on and what perfect timing than the on the eve of the last day of the Summer holidays (and so hubby can look after Little Mr in the morning whilst I catch up on some zzz’s)

Well, what do you think? I’m loving how it’s all coming together. I’m still working on it though, it’s not 100% just yet but I’ve got a swanky new logo and design (thanks to JAM) and hopefully the tweaks I need to do are just minor ones. mrs-shilts-logo-fb

I’m enormously grateful to every one who visits my blog. I’ve been blogging for just over 5 years now and since then I’ve learnt quite a bit. I’ve made some brilliant friends and I have some fantastic supporters. I’ve also had a number of brilliant opportunities and been on some fantastic adventures of which I have my blog to thank (and there’s more exciting times ahead!) so I thought it was a good idea to invest a bit of money and a lot of time in upgrading it.

I know sometimes my guest posts, featured posts or reviews aren’t everyone’s cup of tea and I accept that but there are plenty more posts all about me and Little Mr in the pipeline. I just need five minutes to sit down and write them. So please stick with me, there’s going to be an interesting few months ahead and once again, a big “THANK  YOU” to everyone for supporting me and Life According to MrsShilts xx

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  • Reply Lauren 30/08/2013 at 10:26 am

    Very nice!

  • Reply Carie 30/08/2013 at 3:43 pm

    It’s looking lovely, and definitely a tribute to your hard work!

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