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In honour of Little Mr’s first 6 months, I am delighted to bring to you a guest post from Debs, Super Busy Mum. With five children with ages ranging from 13 years to 6 months, she’s definitely living life in the fast lane. Read all about her youngest Annabelle’s first six months here…

One day you’re waddling around like an over-sized hippo, the next your exhausted, in pain but starring into the sweet, beautiful eyes of your precious newborn baby. 

Your life can change that quickly. Its scary, but it’s surrounded by the beauty of life {that you made, you hero!}.

The first 6 months with our youngest, Annabelle, {formally known as, Miss Belle} has been a whirlwind of sleep deprivation, joy, juggling older children in the home, magical moments and did I mention the sleep deprivation?

Thinking back on it, its heartbreaking to think that her newborn stage, {and this goes with the other four as well} went by so fast. Here she is now, at 28 weeks of cheeky smiles and belly chuckles…and even though I’m loving the stage she is at now, I’d give anything to cradle her as a newborn again. That little scent they have, the pure peace in their little face as they are cradled in your arms, the lump that gathers at the back of your throat as a little finger wraps around yours. If we could only pause them growing for a little bit, enabling us to just…hang on to their new-ness for a little while longer. 

During her first six months, she has shown us that she doesn’t mess about, she learns fast and takes no prisoners. I have my suspicions that she’ll be a grade A ball buster like my oldest daughter, Ellie {a.k.a Lollypop}. She has went from sleeping for 2 hours at a time {which was tough} to sleeping all night, needless to say my partner & I were overjoyed. To getting up twice a night {00:30 & 0330 hours} for an hour at a time, thanks to the glorious stage that is, teething. This is what stage she’s currently at & it’s slowly destroying us, but we’re hoping as soon as that first little toothy peg pokes through, she’ll sleep better. Or we can hope! 

On the play side of things, she adores her siblings dancing & singing to her {she finds this very amusing}, loves doing what can only be described as an Irish jig at high speed on her door bouncer and lights up like Christmas when her Daddy comes home! Her favorite games to play are Peek-a-boo & I’m gonna get’ya!. Her favorite nursery rhyme {currently} is 5 little ducks, for some reason she finds it hilarious when one less duck comes home. Signs of a future rebel I reckon! She has the reflexes of a mini ninja and has a leaflet fascination. She adores mango breakfasts and hearty dinners. Girl after my own heart! She’s not sitting unsupported yet but I don’t think she’s far off. Plus she thinks it perfectly fine as she is, rolling to wherever she wants/needs to go! 
So, all in all, her first 6 months have been amazing, I must have 1000 photos at least! {I have an addiction!} so with her fast learning, busting to run before she can walk attitude, we’re super excited to see what she brings us in her next 6 months! 

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