Choosing the right family broadband package

At the end of 2012 it was estimated by industry regulator Ofcom that the total number of households in the UK with a fixed line broadband connection was almost 22 million.More than three quarters of the adult population has either a mobile or domestic broadband service available to them and high speed connectivity is particularly important for families.There are many different broadband packages and providers available to consumers, which is why the UK also has some of the cheapest deals on the planet. But with so much choice it can be difficult to reach a decision without doing a little research.

Here are some tips intended to help you choose a broadband package that will offer value for money and meet the needs of your family.

Connection Type

A family home is likely to contain a number of avid web users, many of whom will want to go online during the same periods of the day. This means you need a fast, consistent connection that can support simultaneous access from a variety of devices.

Fibre optic broadband is arguably the best option for this domestic scenario, since it should deliver superfast connectivity that can encompass the usage requirements of four or more people.

There are BT broadband packages with fibre optic capabilities, although not every area of the UK has this type of service available at the moment, so you will need to check to see which connection types have been rolled out locally.

Usage Allowance

Aside from a fast connection, a family will also be in need of a significant monthly usage allowance. This is because with multiple users harnessing the broadband, you will quickly consume any preordained limit.

Video streaming, online gaming, Skype calls and many more activities are data intensive and popular amongst families, so if possible you should choose an unlimited broadband package and also check the terms and conditions to see if there is a fair use policy in place.

Security & Parental Controls

Some providers will give customers access to dedicated security software and let them know how to implement parental controls so that youngsters are not exposed to inappropriate content online.

This should appeal to families, particularly if you are concerned about letting your children use the internet even if you know that it is incredibly important for both their educational and social lives.

Bundle Benefits

While you can purchase broadband as a one-off service, the best value packages can be found if you bundle this service in with other products from the same provider.

This will not only make things easier because you will only have to pay one bill, but means you can get home phone, TV and even mobile services in one fell swoop.

Whatever approach you take, make sure that when you choose broadband for your family you have considered and compared all the options, alighting on a package that is well suited to your circumstances and budget.

Disclaimer: This is a guest post and I have been compensated in association with my disclosure policy

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