This time last year – I was pregnant and at the end of the first trimester

what to expect

This time last year I was roughly 11 weeks pregnant. The morning / afternoon / evening all day sickness had subsided and I was really nervous about our scan which was booked for just over 12 weeks. I was so scared that when the sonographer put the probe to my tummy she would turn round and ask me why I thought I was pregnant. Silly really as I had all the other symptoms; my tummy was expanding, the smell of the fridge made me feel nauseous and I could cry over the daftest things.

The first trimester for me was all about knowing a special little secret that only a handful of selected people knew about. I was walking about on cloud nine for most of the first trimester feeling ultra protective about my tummy and that my little BabyShilts that was growing well inside me. During my first trimester obviously we didn’t know what sex our little BabyShilts was. I know I didn’t want to think too much into the future just in case something bad happened. I guess it’s natural to worry about something so precious after wanting it so long.

Here’s the lowdown on my First Trimester

Week 4 – Found out I was pregnant
Week 5 – Had a booking in appointment with my midwife
Week 6 – Tiredness set in
Week 7 – Sickness arrives for elevensies
Week 8 – Weird dreams and anxiety are playing a big part this week
Week 9 – Still feeling sick all day, have no energy and have horrible toothache
Week 10 – Start to enjoy Pot Noodles a little too much for my liking, still feeling sick
Week 11 – Nausea is settling down, skin has become spotty and had to have the troublesome tooth out.
Dating Scan at hospital shows BabyShilts at 11+5 – our news is out!
Week 12 – The heat of the British Summer makes me feel dizzy and uncomfortable, have trouble sleeping

scan photo 11w

When I was pregnant I used the internet a lot to find out what was happening to my body. I didn’t Google too much but I did use reputable sites that I knew would give me honest and informative advice. One of the sites I can really recommend is What to Expect. There’s lots of fab information on there as well as Ovulation Calculators and Due Date Calculators. I’ll be honest that’s one of the first things I did (after showing hubby the 2 lines on the pregnancy test!). I logged on and put in my dates to find out when we could expect our baby to be born. If you’re pregnant, I’d highly recommend it and whilst you’re there, why not sign up for tailored updates on your pregnancy specific to the week you’re in. They’re very useful!

Disclaimer: I was sent a goodie bag with What To Expect goodies in exchange for this post

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