Dear Little Mr…


You are now just over 20 weeks old. Wow! Where have those weeks gone? We’ve had an exciting time so far, we’re still getting to know each other but I’d say we are pretty much best of friends now.

I love watching you sleep via the ibaby monitor, you look so peaceful but you’re a right little wriggle bum I’m glad I’m not sharing a bed with you, you’d take up all the space. I love how you’re sleeping through the night. Mummy really appreciates this even if she doesn’t go to bed until late. I love walking in to your room first thing in the morning and you turn your head to see me as I get the biggest gummiest grin, it really is the best way to start the day. I love the way you’ll take your bottle and then go back to sleep for an hour. I really appreciate these little lie-ins so please lets keep this little ritual up at least until I have to go back to work but lets not mention that!


I love how you tell me to get up once you’ve had your little lie in, you’re an impatient little man (no idea where you get that little trait from…wink!) who knows what he wants. I like that. You’ve become an independent fella already, you don’t like being held to be fed, you like to take your time over your feed and the man burps are fine, just lets speed them up a little.

I’m loving our afternoon cuddles. Snuggling with you on an afternoon watching catch up TV is probably my most favourite time of day. I love the way you spit your dummy out and your lips pout a little all in your sleep. It’s adorable to watch. These are very precious times and I’m going to cherish every second.

baby gym1

You love your play gym which we might have pimped up a little with Captain Calmari and your Munchkin Elephant. I’m not really sure what you’re saying to them but you seem to be having great fun, squealing and giggling away. You’re nearly rolling over but you keep stopping yourself. I’m sure it’s because you’re not a fan of being on your belly. We found that out at your swimming lesson today.

Yes, you’re having swimming lessons which I think you secretly like. Your face wouldn’t give it away though so I think your secret’s safe for now. I promise not to dunk you by mistake again, I was getting a bit carried away with the swishing and nursery rhyme singing. Sorry about that.

You’re rapidly growing out of your 3-6 month old clothes which is fine as you’re a growing lad even if you do play with the last 3 ounces of every bottle your fed. I will soon be washing all your 6-9 month old clothes that our friends and family very kindly bought you when you were born. Hopefully we’ll be able to get to wear your Nemo dungarees with matching t-shirt and sandals before the Summers out. I’ve heard there might be some sunshine this weekend so I’ll pack it in your bag for our camping trip just in case.

Mummy loves dressing you in baby grows, not only do you look mega cute but they are very practical. Lots of your friends are wearing jeans, shirts and hoodies but Mummy’s in no rush to dress you like a teenager. You’re a baby and I’m afraid I’m going to dress you like one for at least the next 6 months. You do have a special outfit for Aunty Becky’s wedding though so don’t worry you won’t look out of place.

We have begun to see if you’re ready for weaning but as yet you’re far too happy with your milk. There’s a whole world of tastes and flavours that I can wait to introduce you too and yes, everything comes with apple. It makes it sweeter, apparently!


You’re not teething at the moment even if everything ends up in your mouth. You love to suck your hands, your arm, your gloves, your toys, your dummy and literally anything else you can grab and pull into your mouth. That’s also why you’re still sleeping with the scratch mittens on!


You’ve started going to Nanny and Grandad’s house on your own for the afternoon, I’m sure you have lots of fun but Mummy still gets upset dropping you off it’s only because she loves you. Just remember that, Mummy loves you very much!

There’s lot to look forward to over the next 9 weeks as Daddy will soon be on his Summer holidays from school. We’re off to Wembley Stadium to have a nosey round, we have very important roles at Aunty Becky’s wedding and Mummy’s bound to cry (again!), we’re taking Nanny and Grandad’s posh caravan to Norfolk and we’re even meeting up with lots of lovely birth group friends who Mummy has been talking to for a long while now and everyone can’t wait to meet you. There’s the launch of The Essential One Autumn Winter catalogue which Mummy, Nanny and Aunty T all can’t wait to see your photographs in and there’s quite a few play dates lined up with cousin K. How exciting, you’re going to have the best Summer.

Little Mr you have really lightened up my life, it was pretty great with your Daddy beforehand but now you’re the icing on my cake. And we both know how much Mummy likes her cake!

I love you son xx

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