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    My post baby body

    mrsshilts bump shot wk40

    Last week when the Duchess of Cambridge bravely stepped out onto the steps of the Lindo Wing tenderly holding her newborn Son in her arms, I gasped. Not only did her new baby boy look adorable, but Kate looked absolutely radiant! Just 24 hours previously Kate had given birth to her baby boy George and now she was facing the worlds press and multi-millions of TV viewers as a new Mum, complete with baby bump in appearance. She had gorgeously blow-dried hair, her make up looked perfect, she was wearing a gorgeous polka dot dress and heels, she looked amazing. Thinking back to when I left hospital, I was a wreck. I had frizzy hair, hadn’t slept in at least 72 hours and was in a lot of pain. I was wearing a pair of loose tracksuit bottoms and a jumper. I was only going home not on a date nor did I have no media camping out for my exit so no need to dress up. A little old lady told me I was weary on the way out of the hospital and if looks could kill, I’d be in locked up by now.

    I was so shocked when on Twitter I saw tweets suggesting she ‘still had a bun in the oven’ or ‘was she expecting twins’ and it really annoyed me. A lot of people expect a pregnant lady’s body to just ping back into shape as soon as a baby is born. I’ve heard it can take over four weeks for the uterus to shrink and sit back in the pelvis and that’s just for normal births. If you’ve had a c-section it can take a lot longer due to swelling and inflammation. I won’t even mention the overhang! Unfortunately, it wasn’t just narrow minded blokes that were tweeting this drivel, it was women too! Seriously? All I can imagine is that they’ve obviously never had a baby before and if they ever do, I hope they get really really fat!

    My post baby body is a few thousand miles away from the body I had before I got pregnant. I’ve never had a body that I’ve been really proud of. Unfortunately when you’re overweight your body sags in all the wrong places and your curves are more curvier than a circle! Before Little Mr was conceived, I had lost just under 5 stone. I was mega happy with myself for losing a lot of weight and in my own opinion, I looked better for it. I don’t think I’ve ever been a size under a UK16, possibly pre-teens but that’s a long time ago now. As my tummy grew to accommodate my little bundle of happiness, so did my bum, my thighs and my upper body. I can’t blame my baby for that! I’m proud of my body for growing such a gorgeously healthy baby, I made him. I’m proud of my stretch marks and my lifesaving emergency scar. I’m one proud mummy but I’m not proud of my bingo wings, my double chin or my spaniel boobs attributed to eating too many biscuits and chocolate bars on maternity leave and not having enough energy to exercise!

    My post baby body is one that I need to look after more. I don’t regularly shave my legs or even moisturise them enough. Luckily as a blonde I can get away with it for longer but I need to take more care. We’re hoping for a brother or sister for Little Mr in the next few years and I know that in order to do that I’m going to need to reduce my BMI to help my chances of conceiving. With my polycystic ovaries, being overweight doesn’t help. I need to lose weight and I know I need to. I can see it. I don’t want to return to work in clothes I’ve had to buy in bigger sizes. I want to be able to fit my rather round bum into a pair of jeans and feel comfortable. I want to be able to fit in a pair of jeans without my muffin top proudly sitting on top. I want to wear nice clothes that are tailored and look nice and not just clothes that skim the fat bits!

    I’m proud of my baby body I wish it just wasn’t so fat!


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