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This week we’ve had a very exciting delivery from our friends at Britax. As part of the Britax Mumbassador scheme, Little Mr and I have been sent the Britax Affinity pushchair, Baby Safe plus SHR II car seat and isofix base to road test.

We’ve already started our adventures using the pushchair with lots of afternoon walkies with the dog and down to the coffee shop to get a feel for how it works. My Mum is also going to be road-testing the Affinity in the week when she looks after Little Mr for the afternoon and we’ve been using the Baby Safe plus SHR II in the car since Thursday so it’s going to get lots of use from now on. I’ll be posting more piccies of the pushchair and car seat in use over the Summer so if you’re not already following on Twitter or Facebook add me now!
chilli pepper red affinity

Britax have also teamed up with Laura Williams, personal trainer, to help new mummies like me get back into shape this Summer with their little ones in tow. They’ve come up with the following easy to follow steps using the Baby on Board program (for new mums and babies up to 9 months old). Before starting any exercise please make sure you’ve had the go ahead from the GP. As I’m still recovering post C-section, I’m still off limits to Zumba and running but can cope with walking!

The walking workout – First, check posture: relax shoulders, standing tall and pull in the lower part of tum. Make sure you walk with nice long strides and try gently squeezing buttock muscles so all the muscles of the lower body are firing up as you walk. Maximise the fitness benefits by varying speed and try and include hills if you can. The stroller power walk is great: alternate walking as fast as you can for 30 seconds and then stroll slowly for 30 seconds. Incorporate 5 minutes of these intervals into your daily walk.

Once you’re comfortable with the walking workout, you can incorporate these little exercises into your routine.

Chest Push –   It’s best to do this exercise when you’re on a hill, facing upwards. Position your stroller in front of you, one hand on the handlebar with arm slightly bent. Then using only this arm, push uphill maintaining bent arm for 45 seconds. Rest and repeat a further two times before switching arms.

Stroller Squat Walk – Turn sideways on to your stroller, on your right side, with your right hand on the stroller. Then take a step to the right and as you do so, squat towards the floor, making sure you push hips back (as if you were sitting down) as you bend your knees pushing the stroller slightly to the right.  Return to standing and repeat. Do 10 of these sideways squats before switching to the left leg.

Curtsey‘n’Swing – Hold onto the stroller with both hands before taking a big step back with your left leg, crossing it behind your right as you bend your knees lowering hips to the ground until your right thigh is nearly parallel to the floor. Make sure you keep your torso upright and hips and shoulders facing forward. Then, as you straighten back up, extend left leg right out to the side at hip before ‘curtseying’ back down again height (note: leave this part of the move out if you still have any pelvic pain, and just return to standing before repeating). Do 10 on each leg.

They’ve even created this fab little clip to give you a visual guide on the above exercises.

So there’s no real excuse for not getting any exercise this Summer with the little one, lets get out, head on down to your local park and enjoy the sunshine whilst it’s here.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post however it is written in connection with the Britax Mumbassador scheme.

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  • Reply Kerry Lou 10/06/2013 at 8:52 am

    I’m hoping that lots of baby walks is going to help with post-pregnancy weight loss too :) Will have to bookmark this video!

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