18 weeks on…


Yesterday Little Mr turned 18 weeks old. He’s officially 4 months old now. I look at him and can’t quite believe how quickly he’s growing up. Every day he seems to be amazing me with different things and I’m so grateful that I can watch him during these few months.

Little Mr’s definitely found his voice. He will happily chat away to the monkey or elephant on his play mat and he’ll sometimes chat back to us if we try and get him to engage. He likes to squeal too, he’s obviously realised it’s him making all the noise so he likes to carry on and raise the volume.

He’s still struggling to drink all his milk. He has 4 bottles throughout the day of 8oz and some days he struggles to drink it all. I don’t think he’s suffering as he always have a wet nappy and he doesn’t appear to be dehydrated but will speak to the health visitor tomorrow. Not really sure how we can get him to drink more even if they do suggest he’s not on enough milk.

He’s still sleeping really well (touches wood before I jinx it) we take him up to bed around 7:30pm and he usually wakes around 6/7am. He’s a right wriggler in bed and often wakes up on the diagonal to where we put him down. He’s got the most gorgeous gummy grin in the morning, it’s a pleasure to get up to.

Whilst other babies of his age are rolling and sitting up, Little Mr is trying to master it but it still needs work. He hasn’t rolled over yet but he turns the top half of his body in the direction he wants to roll but it’s just the bottom half that stops him going over. He likes to be sat upright if he’s on your lap and hates being held to be fed. It appears I’ve already got a Mr Independent on my hands.

I love how I’m getting to know him and his little quirks. When he sneezes, he always sneezes 3 times in a row and when he’s bored of having the milk, he pushes the bottle out with his tongue. When he’s tired, he always turns his head to the side and starts to rub his eyes. He sleeps with both his arms up by his head and when he’s tired during the afternoon he loves a Mummy snuggly nap on the sofa and can fall asleep on me in seconds! I can’t wait to discover more out about him but I wish time would just slow down.


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