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Last Saturday morning following a lovely tweet from my friend Kim, I decided enough was enough and decided to really concentrate on getting back on the Weight Watchers wagon. The last time I went to weigh in it wasn’t pretty. I’d gained more weight and was tipping the scales at a figure I honestly thought I’d never see again. I’ve gone up two dress sizes and I’m not impressed. Hubby asked me if I wanted a sausage sandwich for brunch and whilst I could of happily wolfed it down, I knew I had to make a start somewhere, I declined!

Dieting with a baby is hard work and a lot of it is down to having time to get prepared. When I’ve been tired I’ve just wanted to grab something quick from the kitchen and plonk myself down on the sofa. I was eating all the wrong foods purely because it was easier. I’ve had to make time to think about what we’re having for dinner and made sure the cupboards were full of healthy foods that I could snack on. The fruit bowl has been full and the fridge has been well stocked with low fat foods.

What I’ve been eating this week:

Breakfast: Granola, low fat yoghurt and fruit
Lunch: Wholemeal pitta bread with 2 slices of turkey ham, lettuce, cucumber and a drizzle of low fat Caesar dressing
Beef casserole / Sausage and mash / Sweet and sour chicken / Baked potato, coleslaw and salad / Maggi bag Chicken Balti and rice

I’ve swapped sugar for sweetener as there’s just no way I can have a cup of tea without it, I don’t mind a sugarless coffee but tea needs to be sweet. I’ve also tried to drink plenty of water but I’m still guilty of forgetting to drink it.

I’ve been keeping track of my points and how I’ve spent them on my mobile. I’m pretty much attached to it all day so thought I’d use the app and track as I go. It’s really easy to use and a lot more up to date than when I last used it last May. I can alter the amounts of food and it automatically calculates the points for me, easy!

I’m hoping I can lose half a stone at least by the beginning of June as I’m off on my friends hen do (don’t even get me started on what I’ll be wearing, I have absolutely no idea!) and if I’ve lost some weight I’ll be feeling slighter better about myself. I’ll check in on Tuesday evening with my weigh in result, wish me luck!

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  • Reply Lauren Jewhurst (@laurenbigeejit) 02/05/2013 at 10:19 pm

    Well done lovely – you’re off to a great start. Funny, I can have tea sugarless but never coffee!

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