Dress envy..

I’m not a big dress person. I think I have a total of seven dresses in my wardrobe and two of those include my wedding dress and my bridesmaids dress that I wore for my Sisters wedding. I last wore a dress to a family Christmas meal last year and the time before that was my works Christmas party. I just don’t think they suit me. Dresses to me are for formal occasions, I just don’t feel relaxed enough in a dress to wear them on a more regular basis.

Over the weekend, when I was trying to decide what to wear for the Hen Do I’m going to in a couple of weekends time, I came across a luxury designer clothing website with some absolutely gorgeous clothing on. The clothes are completely out of my price range but they are beautiful. I can imagine many a WAG or celebrity shopping there and buying at least 3 or 4 posh bags worth. (I’ve got the scene in Pretty Woman in my head where all the shop assistants are throwing themselves at Julia Roberts just because they’re spending a small fortune) These are clothes that only the very slim, very tall and very rich wear. One particular designer that caught my eye was Huishan Zhang. His clothes are stunning.

huishan zhang dress
You can imagine wearing the clothes from his collection to a posh do; a Wedding or Ladies Day at Ascot and totally looking the part. Teamed with a pair of designer heels and some very exclusive jewellery, you’d probably be mistaken for being a top business woman, a multi-millionaire or having a sugar Daddy.

The dress I’ve bought for my friends Hen Do is black. Black is slimming, yes? It’s falls just below the knee and has lace sleeves. I’m hoping it will help to cover up the bingo wings and I can wear my magical pants to help suck it all in. In my head it looks amazing, I’ve not actually put the outfit together yet and had a look in a full length mirror. Perhaps I should really do that before the big weekend to see whether my ideas have come together or whether I need to have a look for another dress.

Does anyone else panic about wearing a dress? I’m sure it’s probably my confidence again and bearing more flesh than I’m usually comfortable with.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post and I have received an incentive for this post. All words are my own. Images: Avenue 32

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