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May 2013

    One year ago today…

    One year ago today I took a test that changed our lives forever. I’m not sure what made me do it, my period wasn’t late and it wasn’t even due for a couple of days, I just had a feeling. Guess that’s what they call Mothers intuition.


    One year ago today I changed: both mentally and physically. I was 100% ready to become a mummy after waiting so patiently for it to be our turn and our patience had finally paid off. As soon as I saw the positive test I put all my selfish thoughts aside and began focussing on our new little life growing inside me.

    One year ago today our hearts began to love a child we were yet to meet, we tried not to get excited just in case it wasn’t meant to be but we thank our lucky stars daily that we made it through our pregnancy and we now have a gorgeous happy little boy who melts our hearts daily.

    One year on and our Son is now 15 weeks old. It’s been the best year of our lives so far!


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