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Last Monday I finally got my wheels back after a long stint of not being able to drive my car due to post C-section and a dead battery and it’s been fantastic! I’ve been to visit my friends for long awaited catch ups, introduced Little Mr to his ‘Aunties’ and driven over to my Parents house, all of which I couldn’t have done on public transport. The freedom is brilliant, I love just being able to get in the car and go!

baby sucking handsWe’ve had a rough weekend with Little Mr. He’s had really dodgy nappies and I initially thought he had a tummy bug as every nappy was awful. He’s usually a once a day kind of fella so I knew something wasn’t right. He then started to refuse his bottles and getting really worked up when we tried to offer him them. A few friends thought he might be teething but I hadn’t noticed any redness in his cheeks. He has been dribbling a little bit and he’s found his hands. I’ve found him happily sucking away on the backs of his hands looking up at me without a care in the world. I thought the hand sucking was developmental but could also be linked to teething. My Mom and Sister had also suggested that he might be teething so I used some teething gel on him before his feed first thing this morning and he drained the lot! I’ve since used the gel and he’s been drinking lots more. I took him to Baby Clinic this morning and he’s only put on half an ounce since last Tuesday so that suggests he wasn’t feeding enough. I’m hoping now I’m using the gel (which can be used from 2 months plus), he’ll take more bottles and get the weight back on. Although it could take ages for the teeth to actually show themselves, it certainly looks like they’re making their way down and giving him a bit of grief!

If anyone has any useful advice on how to deal with teething in little babies, I’d be very grateful.

We were lucky enough to see the sunshine today here in the West Midlands so I took advantage and got out into the sunshine with Little Mr in his pushchair and Mikey on the lead. It was beautiful out there. It was really warm so I used the Kurtis Baby Peace pram curtain to shield him from the sunshine and he even managed to have a little snooze along the way. I’ve not got many summery clothes for him yet as he was born in the Winter with the snow falling. I’ve not really considered what he would wear if and when we had nice weather so have just done a spot of online shopping and got him a little hat and some short sleeved rompers. Fingers crossed I’ve not just jinxed the rest of the Summer, apologies in advance if the weather reverts back to a wet one!

british summer sunshine

In other news, the diet is a major fail! I’ve lost the plot, seeking chocolate and junk food crap out like my life depends upon it. I don’t know what’s wrong with me! I’m going to be a fat bridesmaid and I’m only letting myself down. I need to give myself a good talking too and remember all the good reasons why I’m watching what I’m eating and what the rubbish is going to do! You’d think being 2 sizes bigger than my pre-pregnancy size would do it but nope, I just reach for the biscuits. I’m hoping that with the good weather will come my motivation to get myself back on track to lose this extra weight. I do not want to look like a beach ball on my bestie’s wedding photos!  Tomorrow is a new week, a fresh start, lets do this! Hope I don’t let myself down….

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  • Reply Ashley 24/04/2013 at 4:08 am

    It could be teething but the hands and drooling are quite normal for this age. Also refusing the eat can come with certain milestones like rolling over. Sam had a few nursing strikes before he rolled over. Then was back on it. Best thing for teething is the gel, ice teethers, and frozen fruits (6 months plus) in a mesh feeder. Teething is the worst part of parenting. So much grief.

    Hopefully you can stick with your diet. I’m not even trying. :(

  • Reply Karen 24/04/2013 at 10:17 pm

    Teething nappies really are stinkers! We’d another one tonight….pass the fabreeze please – all clothes straight into the wash. You’d wonder how teeth could cause all this! JD really loves her wee teething rings that I put in the fridge to make them nice and cold, and I use the gel too. I think that’s all we can really do at the moment, perhaps calpol if he’s really being bothered with them x

  • Reply Bex @ The Mummy Adventure 24/04/2013 at 10:30 pm

    Dylan started teething at around 8 weeks but didn’t get his first tooth until 8 months! Archie is busy sucking his hands at the moment but I think that is just developmental at the moment. The teething gels are great as are the powders and you can get teething toys that you store in the fridge although Olly is still bit young for those. Hope everything goes well! x

  • Reply ashley 26/04/2013 at 5:39 pm

    Your son is a cutie! As soon as my son discovered his hands, he never took them out of his mouth, and he hasn’t stopped drooling for 3 or 4 months! Everyone keeps saying that he is teething, but I’m not quite sold, even at 6 months. Babies’ systems are so sensitive, its hard to tell what is affecting them!

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