How I have changed… 30 years on!


I made no secret of it last year that I celebrated a very sober 30th birthday whilst I was pregnant with Little Mr. I was really worried about turning 30 but I really shouldn’t have worried. Being 30 has been absolutely amazing so far with most notably the arrival of my gorgeous Son.

Looking back 30 years to the year 1983 and I was a mere 5 months old.

mrsshilts 30 yrs ago

Back in 1983, I lived at home with my Mum and Dad, pet Dog Stig and Rabbit Bugsy. I had my life ahead of me. My Mum wanted me to grow up to be a lovely caring person and as long as I was happy I could be anything I wanted to be (Thanks Mum for the quote!). My favourite foods were Milupa baby rice and a bottle of milk. I used to sleep for over 11 hours at night and had several naps throughout the day. My Mum enjoyed dressing me up in girly embroidery anglaise dresses teamed with knitted cardigans handmade by my Nan.

30 years on and I’ve changed quite a bit!


I live in my own home with my husband of 6 years, my 11 week old baby Son and our furry friend, Mikey the Dog. I work as a Senior Human Resources Officer in a local secondary school. I’ve had two successful stints at university, resulting in a 2:1 Ba (Hons) degree in Leisure and Tourism and Management; and a Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management. My favourite foods are Pizza, a good Chicken curry and I’m partial to the odd tube of jelly beans. I’m signed up to a well known weight loss program to combat said addiction to jelly beans. I sleep for approximately 4 hours at a time (if I’m lucky) and a nap throughout the day is like gold dust! I’m not a particular follower of fashion as I enjoy wearing clothes that I’m most comfortable in, usually jeans and a t-shirts most days. I don’t wear many dresses and can probably count on one hand the amount hanging in my wardrobe. The days of wearing my Nan’s hand knitted garments are long gone although she did knit me a scarf at Christmas.

So I’ve changed quite a bit over the last 30 years and have often enjoyed a bowl of Special K as part of my daily diet. I’ve taken part in many a jeans challenge with Special K over the last 10 years and would probably do anything for a red swimsuit figure!

#specialk30For the first time since 1983, Special K is changing their recipe to include 3 whole grains instead of 2; rice, wheat and barley, making the cereal more nutritious and easy on the calories for those wanting to watch their figure (or in my case, change the shape of…!) So far, I’ve enjoyed a couple of bowls full of the new recipe Special K. It’s perfect for breakfast with a splash of cold milk to kick start the day or even as a tasty treat with fresh fruit just before bed to keep the hunger pangs at bay during the night feeds. I’ll definitely be picking up another box on my next supermarket run.

This post has been written as an entry for the Britmums / #SpecialK30 “How I’ve changed Linky challenge

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  • Reply Lynn @ more4mums 02/05/2013 at 4:30 pm

    Aw – lovely, you really look like your mum !

  • Reply Emily Tealady 11/05/2013 at 5:53 pm

    Aw you look so cute as a baby! Doesn’t Ollie look like you too when you were a baby. I too am trying to lose weight although it’s not going so well at the moment! x

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