9 weeks on..


My gorgeous baby boy has been with us for 9 weeks now and it sounds very cliché but I can’t quite remember how my life was before he came along. He’s a cheeky little boy with the most amazing smile. He’s been smiling at us independently now for a couple of weeks and even at 4 o’clock in the morning when he’s grinning away at me, it totally makes my day.

11 April 2013

He’s a fantastic sleeper during the night, waking up only once but it’s a different story during the day. He really fights his sleep. He’ll fall asleep for half an hour and then he’ll wake himself up again. I’ve been letting him fall asleep wherever (on the sofa, in his chair, in his pram etc) but think I might try and get him to sleep in his crib upstairs to attempt at getting him to sleep longer. Today, we met some friends at Starbucks and he had fallen asleep during the 5 minute car journey there and then woke up after 10 minutes in the café. I could tell he was tired and thought he’d have his bottle then drift back off to sleep but no, he was wide awake. Definitely need to do my research on ways of getting him to nap for longer as I’m finding it quite stressful when he’s grouchy and whining because he’s tired.

He was weighed yesterday at 9 weeks and 2 days, he’s now 12lb 2oz. He’s spot on the 50th percentile line in the red baby book so he’s doing well. He’s feeding well too, he does get bored after a while and fights with his hands to move the bottle away from his face so I’ve bought the next size up teats to try and get him to drink quicker. A 6oz bottle takes us a good 45 minutes at the moment which is fine during the day but in the early hours, I’d much prefer us to be in bed asleep.

I went back to Weight Watchers on Tuesday night and got weighed. It wasn’t pretty! I knew it wouldn’t be. I’ve let myself down by putting too much weight on again. I can’t blame my pregnancy with Little Mr as it was my fault for shovelling crap down my throat and eating Easter eggs like they were going to be rationed. So, I’ve got my starting point and from now on, I’ll be pointing and tracking everything. Hopefully next week at the scales I’ll have a good loss and it’ll spur me on.

There’s lots I want to read up on in the next few weeks, Little Mr will soon be teething and then we’ll be in to the weaning stage. I want to make sure I’m doing things at the right time with him, like tummy time and introducing him to different things to help develop his senses, for example. We’re already reading him books at bedtime and that’s something I’m keen to continue. I loved books as a child and would love my Son to be an active reader too although I don’t want him to end up having the nightmares I did as a young child from reading a picture dictionary before bed…true story!

I finally got my car back on the road this week and so far, Little Mr and I have been out and about to various places. Nothing beats getting your independence back, I love it! I just pop Little Mr in his car seat and away we go, off to explore (ok, or just to the shops!) the world is our oyster!

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