Staying sane and stylish after having a baby…


After having a baby, one of the big moments every new mother dreams of is getting back into her pre-pregnancy jeans. But for most of us, it takes a while for the squishy tummy to spring back to ‘normal’ and even when you manage to hit the pre-pregnancy mark, your body is often shaped much differently than it was before. This should not be seen to be a negative, the trick is learning new ways to flatter and flaunt and get the new stylish you back on track.

The first few weeks with a newborn are filled with changing nappies, midwife visits and seemingly endless feeds.  It is exhausting and finding time to shower, brush your teeth and exercise is a tricky task, BUT being ready to face the world at a moment’s notice with fresh clean hair and clothes makes the world of difference. BRITAX, together with a team of mums has come up with some tips you may like to put into practice.  After all, a happy mum means a happy baby.

Invest in a bouncy chair:  Let your baby watch while you shower, brush your teeth or get dressed.  Even if the little one is restless and cries a bit, they can still see you and it only takes five minutes in a shower to feel human again.

Buy some new clothes: Every mum has what they call ‘transitional clothes’ and this is just what they are. You need to have some normal clothes that aren’t pregnancy clothes, fit you right now and feel comfortable.

Whilst you get your body back again, think dark colours – they make you look slimmer and more streamlined. Stay away from big patterns, stripes and bright colours that can draw attention to problem areas.

Want to distract from your tummy?  Camouflage it with a big bag.  To detract attention from your arms, wear long sleeved shirts and a chunky necklace to draw the eye to your neck.

Accessorise: A gorgeous scarf, hat, bag or new shoes can make you feel a million dollars.

Wardrobe planning:  Think about what you want to wear the next day before you go to bed.  That way you will be able to get dressed first thing in the morning and answer the door to the postman in something other than your PJ’s.

Don’t skip your beauty appointments: Rather than visiting a salon, enlist a mobile beautician to come and do you hair, nails or waxing – whatever makes you feel great again.

Make-up in minutes.  Every mum knows that make-up takes just a couple of minutes.  A quick beauty flash balm, liquid highlighter to add some shimmer, mascara and lip gloss, is all it takes to step out of the house and feel ready to face the world.

Get organised.  If you have other children, then you have to be up and out of the house early for the school run. Get school bags ready the night before, get shoes and coats out of the cupboards so they can dress themselves and make sure the change bag is fully stocked.  If you leave the house in less of a rush, you will feel calmer and people will wonder ‘how you do it’.  Remember, you can return home to clear the breakfast dishes and sort the chaos later.

 Looking great on 4 hours sleep.  You’ve got it covered.

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