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I was 38 weeks pregnant on Wednesday so less than 2 weeks until our due date but I’m so impatient now my annual leave is coming to an end. I start my maternity leave officially on Monday 28th January and although I’m really glad I took my annual leave earlier than expected with all the crap weather we’ve had, I’m now really on countdown waiting for our little man to appear. The longer he stays tucked up, the less time I get to spend with him before having to go back to work.

So what have I actually done on my leave so far…. Slept, watched a DVD boxset, done a bit of housework (a very tiny bit but only because my Mom was coming round with a family friend so I thought I best make an effort, ha!), more sleep, generally potted around the house in my pyjamas, baked a couple of cakes and done as little as possible. I would have loved to have done more cross stitch or sewing but I get so uncomfortable sitting down for more than half an hour, I haven’t got much done.

I’ve definitely come to the conclusion that I love routine, I’m in limbo at the moment waiting for signs and apart from the odd twinge and some pressure there’s not much happening. I think next week I’m going to have to give myself something to do every day so I’ve actually done something constructive. I’ve got some paperwork to sort out (statements, bills, usual life admin) and some shredding to do and perhaps I should start thinking about making up some meals that are easily prepared straight from the freezer.

We’re due more snow this weekend (oh joy!) but after that hopefully we’ll see the big thaw. I really hope so, I’ve started to get a bit of cabin fever. I begged hubby to take me out for dinner last night to escape the four walls and got quite excited about a trip to Tesco. Ha, it’s the little things!


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  • Reply Paul 25/01/2013 at 9:44 pm

    Nearly here !!!

  • Reply Bryher 25/01/2013 at 9:51 pm

    I 100% sympathise!! I am such a routine person – I decided a due week or month would have been better than being fixated on a due date. In the end I started saying that I would have my baby by my due date + 14 days!!

    I think Ben summed it up quite well http://babyhill2012.wordpress.com/2012/07/15/you-know-the-feeling-dad/

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