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This week I’m 37 weeks pregnant, in the UK they consider that as full term so if BabyShilts makes an appearance from now on he’s not classed as a premature baby.  To be honest, I’m pretty much ready for him to appear now but in reality he could come anytime in the next 5 weeks.

I’ve been very organised during my pregnancy and wanted to get the nursery ready before the New Year. Luckily, hubby was very willing to oblige and we decorated the spare room over October half term and had our furniture delivered just before Christmas. I’ve washed all baby’s newborn and first size clothes. The bedding for the Moses basket and Crib is all washed and ready to use.

The one thing I made sure I had ready just before Christmas was my hospital bag. I’ve heard stories of women leaving it until later in their pregnancy and then rushing around once their waters break in a flap trying to pack what they think they need but that just fills me with panic. I’ve been adding items to our weekly shop over the last few months so I’ve built up the contents of my bag gradually and  I’ve now packed two bags; one for me and one for baby full of things I think we’ll need when the time comes. I’ve used ideas taken from a combination of lists mainly Mothercare, Mamas and Papas and Boots.


For those who haven’t got time on their side or really don’t know what to pack, did you know you can buy pre-packed bags ready to pick up and go? My Hospital Bag have taken the hard work on for you so you don’t need too.

My Hospital Bag is a stylish quilted bag with over 35 products for both Mum and Baby. It’s got the newborn essentials such as babygrows, nappies and wipes as well as essentials for a new mum; sanitary towels, knickers and breast pads. They’ve also included items that will help you refresh yourself both pre and post birth such as facial wipes, deodorant and shower essentials. The bag and it’s contents are priced at £85 with free UK delivery and would be a great solution for a busy pregnant mum-to-be who doesn’t want the hassle or wants to save a bit of money.

Disclaimer: I was asked to mention My Hospital Bag on my blog last Summer when I became pregnant but felt the timing wasn’t right. I’ve not been sent one of these bags but do think they’re a great idea and I’m all for helping small businesses get the word out about their products. 

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