Not Silent but a Snowy Sunday..



It’s been snowing quite a bit here in the West Midlands since Friday morning (18th January 2013). Luckily for me, I’m on annual leave now so not going anywhere. Hubby made it in to work on Friday morning only to be sent home by 11:45am as the school shut but it took him over an hour and a half to travel less than 7 mile home in the car. Since then it’s been off and on and as I type, it’s coming down thick again.

Mikey is of course, loving it. This photograph was taken on Friday morning just as the snow started to come down and since then he’s been leaping in and out of the snow in the back garden like a child making footprints in all the untouched snow.

I’m hoping BabyShilts decides to stay put for the time being, I really don’t fancy digging the car out and having to tackle the snowy streets of Sandwell when in labour. It is making me feel slightly anxious though, I’m so glad the hospital is literally 2 mile away at the most and on a main route that will have been gritted and cleared.

Enjoy the snow if you’re out in it xx

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