Let maternity leave commence…


First week back at work after our Christmas break and it was a busy one. When you’re 36 weeks pregnant and need a regular afternoon nap, being at work sitting on an uncomfortable office chair is the last thing you need so I spoke to my boss and was luckily able to bring my annual leave forward and finish work a week earlier than planned.

I was a bit unwell during my last week of the Christmas holidays so have stopped driving until BabyShilts arrives. This has meant hubby has had to drive me to work and back everyday before going on to his own workplace across the other side of Birmingham, leaving our house at 7am  results in two very tired Shiltons!

I saw my midwife on Wednesday and she believes after having a good feel of my tummy that BabyShilts has moved round and is hopefully no longer breech. I’ve got a scan on Tuesday to have a look at where he’s lying so please keep your fingers crossed that he has moved and is now head down.

I’ve got to say and put it on record that my hubby has been an absolute star these last few weeks, he’s done more than his fair share of cooking, cleaning and housework as well as looking after me and Mikey. Thank you babes, I’m very grateful and will hopefully be more useful now I’m off work and waiting for our Son to make his appearance.

Friday was my last day in work and my colleagues didn’t let me leave without a bit of fuss. They had decorated my desk with blue tissue paper, pictures of cartoon babies and balloons.

They’d also arranged a collection and got loads of my work colleagues to sign a card for us. It was all very lovely. We were gifted a beautiful bunch of flowers and a very generous gift card for my favourite baby store Kiddicare. My colleague also gave us some Baby Converse and a gorgeous photo frame to capture BabyShilts’ photos for the first 12 months.

I also got some lovely messages off my client Headteachers wishing me all the best and wanting me to send news in as soon as I could.  Out of office is now on and it’s all very exciting now. Let the wait for BabyShilts commence whilst I snooze on the sofa, watch films to my hearts content and hope the nesting to kick in.

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