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We all know what it’s like with a new baby about to appear on the scene your just going to want to get a few things ready. However recently polls undertaken which found that over a third of families had spent over £100 on outfits for their babies before the baby was even born. Whilst in comparison just under a quarter of parents claim to spend anywhere near the same amount on dressing themselves during their pregnancy.

Anyone who’s had a new baby will know that they grow rapidly especially in the first few months; which is why on average babies only tend to wear an item 12 times. It’s a sad fact that many items of clothing which are given as gifts for a newborn baby are never even worn. You know what it’s like when you’re buying clothes for a friend’s baby you tend to buy them a little bit bigger than the baby is at the moment, and these items get it in the cupboard for when the baby is a little bit bigger and forgotten about. Then before you know it the baby is too big for these clothes and there are either sold online or thrown away.

In the UK today the typical value of a baby’s wardrobe is over £327, which seems like an awful lot of baby grows. The primary reason given for this huge amount of clothes was that the majority of clothing had been given as gifts. Over 60% of the parents who are questions stated that they had been given clothing for their babies that they would never dream of dressing them in.

Often parents blamed celebrity mums and dads for their own spending on baby clothes, justifying it by saying that seeing pictures of the celebrity babies looking well-dressed etc in the newspapers every day piles on the pressure for them to kit their own children out in designer fashion.

Surprisingly in these austere times one in every 50 families admitted to splashing out on a single item of clothing for a baby which cost £100 or more. This included cashmere cardigans and designer coats.

If, like some of these parents you are thinking about spending money on your new babies clothes, it might be worth looking at what items you have at home that could be sold in order to pay for your tots new wardrobe. If you do decide to sell your stuff online, there are a number of places that will either exchange it for cash or help you to sell it to other people via the Internet.

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