Things not to say to a pregnant woman


Over the last 33 weeks of my pregnancy, I’ve welcomed other people offering me their support and pearls of wisdom. Most people have been absolutely lovely as they know how excited I’ve been to fall pregnant and start a family. However, I’ve got to the point now that with only 7 weeks until my due date, I’m getting slightly irritated. Most of these comments have come from ladies who have had their own babies over the years, so why try and wind up an already hormonal and emotional woman!

Here’s the best of them so far..

If you think you’re tired now, just wait until baby’s here – I’m suffering with pregnancy insomnia! I’m not awake at all hours just because BabyShilts is having a disco in my tummy and he’s preparing me for when he’s here. I appreciate that I’m going to be tired, I’ll be adjusting to life with a newborn who’s only method of communication is crying. Do you think I really believe life is going to exactly the same?!

Enjoy the rest whilst you can – I am under no illusions that my life is going to be turned completely upside down. I know I’m going to have to adjust my lifestyle, for the last 9 years it’s just been me and hubby with our little woofer and we’ve been able to do whatever we want with our free time and spare cash. I know life is going to change. Do you really think I’m that naive!

Make the most of it (i.e sleeping / watching a film snuggled on the sofa) – see above!
How long have you got left? You’re massive! – Thanks! I’ve not really noticed that my stomach is expanding at an alarming rate and my face is getting fatter by the hour!

I wouldn’t buy too much (i.e clothes for baby) – I appreciate that friends and family may want to buy clothes for our baby once he’s here but why should that stop me buying stuff for my own child. I’ve been waiting years to buy cute little baby grows and adorable little outfits. It’s my money, let me spend it!

It’s just your hormones Yes, I’ve fallen victim to crying over Andy Murray losing at Tennis (I don’t even like him), getting upset that my hubby threw my dinner in the bin that I was saving until later, crying over watching our Olympians receive their gold medals and bursting into an emotional wreck when my colleague reminded me I was turning 30. My hormones are all over the place and I’m well aware of that.

Don’t bank on him being early, first babies are always late I’ve never said that I think BabyShilts will be early. I think he’ll be late and will need to be induced. Just because I want to get his nursery all ready, wash some of his clothes and pack my hospital bags doesn’t mean he will come early. I want to get organised and prepared. I hate being unprepared and the thought of going into labour without my stuff being ‘ready’ scares me. Getting up off the sofa and up the stairs is becoming a mission so why on earth would I want to wait until I’m waddling around to get things ready!

This post might come over as a bit ranty but I won’t apologise because it’s my hormones (wink) and I’m 7 and a half months pregnant.

If you’re pregnant or have been, what words of wisdom have you been ‘victim’ too? Would love to add them to my list!

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  • Reply Lauren 18/12/2012 at 1:05 pm

    Rant away! Not sure what gives some people the right to tell you what to do. It’s one thing offering advice from experience but quite another to tell you you’re doing it wrong. And WHO tells a pregnant woman that they are massive?!?!?!

    Anyway, in regards to the late/early baby thing. My sister’s first baby was 10 days early. Her second was 12 days late. Flipped that stupid old wives tale on its head! Also – another friend had her first a month early (enjoyed all but 2 days of mat leave!) and a cousin had first 5 days early…arriving on her 30th bday so obv wanted in on the party! So I don’t blame you at all for being ready. All this superstition about not getting things ready too early in case you tempt fate is NONSENSE. It’s a well known fact that pregnant women want to “nest” before baby is born so nest away my love!

    I got all teary looking at the nursery pics btw. And I haven’t got pregnancy hormones to blame! ;)

  • Reply Tali 18/12/2012 at 2:00 pm

    i agree with all of the above! It did my HEAD in when I was pregnant! And working in a shop, I got most of the above ooh, around 1000 times a day? lol

    along the same lines I had a customer say to me, on my last day of work before my wedding, say “oh are you getting married? DON’T DO IT!”, in all seriousness!

    WT actual H??!?!

    And don’t you hate how you can’t actually SAY all the things above, but you just smile sweetly and nod along while mentally knee capping the well-wisher ;) teehee

    *hugs* hunni :) xx

  • Reply Rebecca 18/12/2012 at 9:51 pm

    I think people mean well, you honestly can feel as clued up as everything, I think I said some of the above verbatum when I was pregnant but the impact on your life cannot be described, I don’t know why people insist on trying though! It’s one I learned to can.

    I was 2 weeks early with Charlie my first and only child.

    Wait until you’ve had he or she a while. The questions about “whens the next one coming” are insufferable. Or how selfish it is that they are an only child.

    One thing is though, none of it matters when you have your baby. I can remember the 3am feed being one of the most lovely and beautiful moments of my time with baby Charlie. Tired aside, they change your life for the better a million times a day.

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