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I’ve been tagged by the lovely Lauren over at Big Eejit in this lovely festive Christmas meme. I love Christmas and this year is going to be especially brilliant as we’re also preparing for our little man’s arrival in the New Year. As most of you know I’m quite an organised person so have been buying Christmas presents and making them since the summer. I’ve handmade a few gifts this year, not to the extent of previous years where all the ladies got handmade make up bags filled with treats but I’ve made an effort and some lucky recipients have got something pretty and handmade. The Christmas decorations are up and look really pretty, all the Christmas cards have been written and sent off. Presents have been bought and the majority are wrapped up ready to gift. There are a few more little items that I’d like to get for hubby’s stocking but they’ll only be silly little things. I love dressing Mikey up for his annual festive photograph and as you can see he’s clearly thrilled by it all! Ha, he does look cute though!

What’s your favourite thing about Christmas?

My favourite thing about Christmas is spending time with the family. I’m really lucky that I have a brilliant family on both sides and I get to spend some quality time with all of them over the Christmas holidays. Hubby’s side of the family always kick off the Christmas festivities early December with a slap up meal at a local hotel, we all get dressed up and eat together as a family. We then usually go back to one of our Aunties homes and eat more yummy buffet food and swap Christmas cards with each other. This for me always marks the start of Christmas.

Nearer to the big day itself, we spend Christmas Eve with the in-laws and we swap presents with the rest of the family. Christmas Day morning is usually spent with the in-laws and then the afternoon and evening is spent with my Mom and Dad, Sister, Brother-in-law and Nephew. Boxing Day is spent with the in-laws having another Christmas lunch and this year we’ll be seeing my Brother-in-law and his partner as they’re alternating where they’re spending Christmas. We’ll be spending Boxing Day night with hubby’s family playing party games and eating lots of lovely party food. Our Aunty Angela does the best buffet ever, she always puts on the best puddings and nibbles, it’s amazing!

Following Boxing Day we always meet up with my Mom’s side of the family to exchange gifts and spend time with each other. We extend Christmas over 3 or 4 days and I love it.

What is your favourite make-up look for the festive season?

My make up needs a really good overhaul as I’m stuck in a bit of a rut with it at the moment but for the festive season, I do love a bit of subtle glitter. I’m not over the top but I do love a little bit of sparkle around my eyes and on my eyelids.

Real or fake tree?

We’ve been known to have a real Christmas tree at home but since we’ve had Mikey, having a Christmas tree that loses its needles isn’t a good idea. I know you can get ones that supposedly don’t lose their needles but they always do at our house. I love the smell of real trees, there’s something magical about them.

We have two fake Christmas trees at home; a large one in the lounge with our stylish greeny, blue and purple decorations and a smaller one in the dining room with all my red, white and Christmassy decorations. I do think we probably need a bigger tree in the dining room but we’ve not got much space.

Giving presents or receiving them?

I love giving presents to people. I like to think about who I’m buying for and what they would like. I’d hate to think I give crap presents. As awful as it sounds, there’s always a few people who notoriously give presents that make me think ‘Do you actually know me at all?’ but then on the other hand I feel guilty feeling like I should be grateful that I got a gift at all when there are people out there who get nothing.

Handmade Christmas cards or bought?

I’ve been known over the years to make my Christmas cards by hand. I’ve made some lovely cross stitch ones in the past but then I had a lot more time on my hands to get them completed. This year I’ve bought some cards that donate a percentage of the sale to charity and they’re very cute.  My Mom makes all her cards by hand. She starts just after Christmas for the following year and builds up a healthy stash over the year. They’re always really well made and they’re so lovely. My Mom’s cards are the best!

What’s your favourite Christmas film?

I have two favourite films and I cannot single one of them out as a favourite. They are ‘Santa Claus The Movie’ and ‘Elf.’ Santa Claus The Movie is one of those films that reminds me of my childhood. I can remember sitting with my Sister at my Mom and Dad’s house watching it on Christmas Eve getting all excited about Santa coming to our house. It was magical. ‘Elf’ is just hilarious and it makes me giggle so much. It’s definitely a feel good film you can watch over and over.

What’s your favourite Christmas food?

My favourite Christmas food is probably buffet food. This year I’m ‘allowed’ to eat whatever I fancy but I know in previous years I’ve had to be good over Christmas with dieting. Next year I’ll be well behaved but this year I’m going to enjoy whatever’s on offer (and suffer the heartburn consequences afterwards!)

What do you love about Christmas? Would love to hear from you!

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