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Our lovable woofer Mikey was recently sent a selection of goodies from the very generous Monster Pet Supplies to try out and review. Now you might be thinking ‘How on earth does a dog review dog food?’, well let me tell you, if Mikey doesn’t like something, he won’t eat it. He’ll look at it, take a good sniff, he might even nose it round his dish (if we’re lucky!) then he’ll stare back at us in disgust and sulk off to his bed in a strop as if to say ‘I’m not eating that!’

Luckily, we had none of that behaviour once we opened the package marked for Mikey’s attention.

Mikey was sent a huge box full of goodies including of Beta Adult Chicken Dog Food, Bakers Sizzler Bacon Treats and Bonio Chicken Dog Biscuits.

Mikey’s usual diet of an evening is a portion of canned dog food with a good handful of small bite mixer so we knew putting something different down for him might be a challenge. We were pleasantly surprised. We followed the guidance on the packaging about the portion size and placed it in his dish. Mikey was quite excited to see something different in his bowl so nosed it round and got stuck in. The Beta Adult Chicken Dog Food is nutritionally balanced with high quality meat and wholegrain cereals. The kibble is designed to encourage chewing and has definitely helped Mikey slow down eating his dinner. He had a habit of eating far too quickly, resulting in seeing the-just-eaten dinner again soon after. I’m pleased we’ve not had any sickness with the new food and he seems full enough to last him through until breakfast.

Mikey has been a fan of Bakers Sizzler Bacon Treats ever since he was treated to a packet from our lovely Nan one Christmas. He loves the taste and they don’t last very long once he’s sat down to devour it. We always ensure we limit treats through the week and we reward his good behaviour with them so he knows he’s being a good dog when he hears the rustle of the packet.

The jury is still out with the Bonio Chicken Dog Biscuits. Mikey has been given a couple of these as a treat of an evening but they seem to be a little bit too big for him. He has eaten half a biscuit then left it. I’m not sure whether it’s because he’s still full from his dinner (although that’s never stopped him before), he’s just not that keen or they are too big for him. We’ll perhaps break them in half and see how half a biscuit goes.

Why not check out the goodies available from Monster Pet Supplies, your pet won’t be disappointed, Mikey wasn’t!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post and for the purpose of the review, Mikey was sent a selection of goodies as mentioned above. All words are my own and are honest and unbiased. 

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  • Reply Ashley 12/08/2012 at 5:20 pm

    cute pup!

    My border collie has such a weak stomach that we can only give her milk bones. It’s depressing because she loves all the other treats but she can’t have them :( I’m not sure if you guys have them there

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