Stress, shopping and showers..


This week has been quite stressful. I’ve been trying to take it easy on the advice of my family and friends but unfortunately this hasn’t really followed through into my worklife. It’s the busiest time of year as we’re ploughing our way through at least 100 new starters (mostly Newly Qualified Teachers who start work on 1st September) and so the pressure is on to make sure we have all their clearances in place and all their details ready and written up for the September payroll. I had last week off as annual leave but left my administrator in charge for the week and I was contactable! Needless to say, things came up and had to be dealt with and in my colleagues defence, I said I was contactable so she did. Note to self, only go off on annual leave when there is someone more senior in the office who can deal with final salary payments and compromise agreements!

Our plans to London for the weekend didn’t work out which I was quite frustrated with. It couldn’t be helped so whilst I was watching the Olympics on the TV instead of on the streets of London, I spent the afternoon pampering myself in the bath and painting my nails.

We went to browse the baby shops at a local shopping centre on Sunday and made our first baby related purchases. You can read more here. I actually really enjoyed it and came home with a head full of ideas for the nursery. We’ve decided we would like polka dots and stripes (no surprises there!) in Lemon and Grey for the Nursery so will be coming up with ideas and plans over the next few weeks.

Hubby and his Dad have finally got round to installing our new shower enclosure. Three years ago, hubby fell through the shower door resulting in a trip to A&E and a dodgy cracked shower tray. We patched it up as best as we could but the final nail in the shower coffin was a tiny leak into my newly renovated kitchen ceiling last year. Ever since then, the shower has been out of action and it’s been baths all the way. Now I do love a good bath but not when you’ve literally got an hour to get hair and body washed and dried (& made presentable) before work. I refuse to get up any earlier than 6am on a weekday!


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