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Having spent the last 18 months slimming down my wardrobe, I’m now facing a mini-battle with myself coming to terms with the fact that a) I will put on weight b) I am going to have a huge bump c) the once more toned areas of my body are a thing of the not-so-distant past. Of course, I gladly accept all of the above in exchange for a gorgeous healthy baby.

At work, we have to wear smart office/business wear. I work in a client facing role so regularly have to go out to schools to work with Headteachers, Governors and other Professionals so looking smart and professional is quite important. I want to maintain this ‘look’ over the next 5 months and have spent this evening scouring various UK retail stores on the internet for plus sized (I’m a proud size 18) maternity clothes. I am still not fond of actual physical shopping, I’ve always had a bad experience trying clothes on in the changing rooms and expect this to continue in the next few years! 

I’m hoping to get by with a small handful of Maternity clothes over the next few months as money is at a premium so I will be spending wisely and wearing them to death wisely.

Here’s my ‘Capsule Work Collection’ that I’ve put together. I may have purchased three or four of the items (but ssshhhh don’t tell hubby!)

1. H&M Mama Blouse 2.  Asda Maternity Jersey Dress 3. H&M Mama Shirt
4. Mamas and Papas Jersey Dress 5. Asda Maternity Leggings 6. Simply Be Maternity Bootcut Trousers 7. Next Patent Buckle Shoes

By the way, this isn’t a sponsored post, I just wanted to share with you what plus sized maternity clothing I found (but if any maternity clothes retailers would like me to showcase their clothing, I’d be very willing but not in model form of course!)

 Coming Soon: As worn by…. Maternity Clothes – the budget daytime collection

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