Doggy day care anyone?


Pets get lonely, just like people…

After spending the Summer holidays at home with hubby, I know Mikey (our loveable woofer) will get lonely when we go back to working normal school hours in September. Dogs can misbehave when they have been left alone at home for a long period of time and if that is the case, have you ever thought about a taking your loveable pooch to a doggie day care centre when you go off to work every day?

These centres are designed to look after your dog when you are away from home. They include recreational periods to keep them busy. They also receive nutritious meals and are pampered and played with. Many of these centres feature organised activities for dogs like you would expect for children. Typically, the dogs much more prefer this approach than simply being stuck at home with nothing to do. It also stops them from destroying your possessions.

When your dog has been placed in a day care centre, they are able to receive the human contact that they long for. It also relieves them of any anxiety and offers them a needed distraction. If you are a pet lover and wish to earn some additional income, you could open a doggie day care centre yourself. You will need an area of land and kennels for the dogs. Just imagine how rewarding it would be to see all those waggling tails. However, they will also need ample room in which to run and an area to be walked in. You would need to clean up after them as no pet owner would be happy leaving their pet in an unsanitary area.  Not keeping the centre clean could see it shut down. This is just basic cleanliness. It can be great fun when being around pets and they are often pleased to have the ability to form a bond with people and other animals as opposed to spending all day at home.

Of course, you would also need to take care of health problems that the dogs in your care could potentially suffer from. For example, if a dog experiences thyroid problems whilst in your care, Thyforon is one option in terms of medication. There are a range of other treatments available should health be an issue and it is an aspect that is vital to be taken into consideration should you be thinking of taking the plunge. Soloxine or Vidalta are other medications that can help pets that suffer from thyroid conditions, but there are many other treatments on the market for a range of conditions.

Obviously I would like to point out that all medication bought for your pets or others must be recommended by a trained veterinary professional. You wouldn’t want to harm yours or any body elses pet in anyway and must be administered with care. If you were looking after someone else’s pet, you would need their written permission in order to administer medication to ensure you were acting in the best interests of the pet and their owners.

I know if we gave Mikey a choice, he’d love to go to a doggy day care centre, he’d enjoy making friends and the chance to get outside at every opportunity. But don’t worry, he is used to the peace and quiet of us leaving him alone during the day. He has regular visits from Nan and Grandad with long walks and naps so we know he’s happy.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post and I would like to point out that some words have been changed by me to adapt the post to suit my blog. I have received an incentive in order to publish this post.

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