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We’ve been in our current home for just over 8 years now. It was (when we first bought it) a home for us to make our own, settle into for a couple of years and then move on. However, the housing market crashed along with our dreams of moving upwards on the ladder. We’ve done plenty to our home and have learnt that we’re not going to be moving anywhere as soon as we thought. So as our lifestyles change, so has our home. One aspect that has remained constant throughout our years in our home is that it’s quite minimalist. Living in a terraced house, space is of a premium.

Minimalist design strives to reduce furniture down to simply its purpose, without extra frills and garish designs. The idea is for the furniture to look smart and modern whilst not appearing too lavish. None of us live in Buckingham Palace after all! Fashion For Home is a company pioneering furniture design and creating a highly enjoyable way to shop for stylish furniture.

One of the designers at Fashion For Home is Giancarlo Vegni. He is well known in Italy for his contributions to minimalist design, designing living rooms, furniture and kitchens. One example of his work is the Jim Black Coffee Table. This beautifully crafted table is a mixture of two design styles to create a unique and modern product. The actual surface is made of high grade deluxe marble, with a steel frame creating a unique modern product. At the end of the table is an ingenious concept; a magazine holder made from rattan weave. This gives the table a more rustic, Asian appeal. The modern marble and the rustic weave are extremely complimentary of each other, creating a contemporary, minimalist feel.

Not only is the style of the product impressive, its functionality is absolutely fantastic. The magazine holder is a brilliant idea that enables you to organise yourself better, rather than having piles of magazines and newspapers scattered around at random. This is an example of minimalist design. The table itself is a simple table, without frills. It is smart and serves a purpose.

Fashion for Home make products to order, getting rid of unnecessary storage space and wastage. The problem with this is the waiting time on an order. This table usually takes around 6-8 weeks, with some other products taking 12-13 weeks to be delivered. I’m sure most of us can overlook this though. With Fashion for Home paving the way for sustainable business models, with sustainable products, a few extra weeks is an acceptable time to wait for a quality product from a quality company.

You can obviously tell that our home is yet to be adapted to suit a family, we’ve had 8 years of living as a couple with a small dog.  I know it’s all going to change (I’m thinking baby play gyms, toy boxes, high chairs etc) but if we can have at least one room in the house that’s stylish and minimalist, I’ll be able to escape the madness and relax. That’s the plan anyway!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post and some words have been changed by me to adapt the post to suit my blog. I have received an incentive in order to publish this post.

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