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August 2012

    Best laid plans..

    We’ve been in our current home for just over 8 years now. It was (when we first bought it) a home for us to make our own, settle into for a couple of years and then move on. However, the housing market crashed along with our dreams of moving upwards on the ladder. We’ve done plenty to our home and have learnt that we’re not going to be moving anywhere as soon as we thought. So as our lifestyles change, so has our home. One aspect that has remained constant throughout our years in our home is that it’s quite minimalist. Living in a terraced house, space is of a premium.

    Minimalist design strives to reduce furniture down to simply its purpose, without extra frills and garish designs. The idea is for the furniture to look smart and modern whilst not appearing too lavish. None of us live in Buckingham Palace after all! Fashion For Home is a company pioneering furniture design and creating a highly enjoyable way to shop for stylish furniture.

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