Weigh in update week 78


Ooops, weigh in showed I’d gained weight (I thought it was 0.5lb but my card was written incorrectly last week so it was actually 2lb) and I know exactly why. I’ve been eating well and I haven’t done that much exercise due to the monsoon like weather that the UK is having. It’s not just a little shower, we’re talking weather that floods the streets and bursts river banks. It’s ridiculous! Our Zumba instructor is still on maternity leave so there’s no classes until the end of August but I’m hoping to go swimming of an evening if I can find a decent pool. Our local swimming pool is closed for refurbishment which they recently announced will need to be totally rebuilt so I’m definitely going to have to go a little further away from home to go swimming. Although if the rain carries on i’ll be swimming in the street. Here’s to a better week next week {sig}

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