Let the games begin #London2012


Last night my hubby and I, along with our cousin and a couple of friends,  drove to the City of Coventry Stadium to watch our first ever London 2012 Olympics Football match. We were ‘lucky’ enough to secure tickets for a Men’s football game; New Zealand versus Belarus.

The security was tight. No photographs were allowed outside the stadium by any of the security checkpoints. We actually wanted a photo of the 5 Olympic rings on the outside of the stadium but a security guard told us we weren’t allowed. We were given clear plastic bags for the contents of our handbags and pockets and upon entering the stadium we were all body frisked and patted down. Our tickets were electronically barcoded which opened the turnstile for us and then we were able to make our way into the stadium.

The range of Merchandise on sale was plentiful; brochures, clothing, souvenirs, teddys. All quite expensive but they seemed to be selling well. The food kiosks inside the stadium were quite limited. As long as you were OK with a pie, pasty or pork roll you were fine. It was all quite pricey but when you’re restricted in what you can actually bring in there’s not much choice unless you go hungry.

We had great seats behind the goal in the North Stand which we paid £20 each for. Our friends had paid £40 each for their tickets and were seated higher up in the East Stand. However, it seemed you could walk to any part of the stadium and sit in a vacant seat which would of been quite annoying. There was only 14,000 spectators in the stadium which was quite disappointing as I’m sure they could of filled the stadium with families if the tickets were cheaper and more readily available.

The actual match was good. New Zealand started well and played the better game in the first half. The crowd got behind the NZ team but were quietened when Belarus managed to get a sneaky header in the back of the net just before half time. The second half was quite feisty. Belarus are quite a physical team and don’t mind a tackle or two. The game finished Belarus 1 – New Zealand 0 and we came away having enjoyed a game of football where we were neutral supporters. The atmosphere was great, lots of families enjoying the Mexican Wave (hubby refused to join in, misery!) and lots of people wearing their nations colours.

I’m really looking forward to the rest of Olympics now and hope #TeamGB can win lots of medals. We’ve got an incredible squad of amazingly fit and talented sports men and women and hope we can show the rest of the world what we’re made of.

British and Proud! Go Team GB {sig}

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