Weigh in update…week 73

Fully expected a gain at weigh in last night and that’s exactly what I got. 2lb on. 3lb away from 5 stone now. Bugger!

I know exactly why I’ve gained and mainly it’s because it was half term and I was off work for most of the week at home with hubby on annual leave. I didn’t really track and I didn’t do as much exercise at all. Thinking about it as well it was probably post Jubilee barbecue so no wonder I gained.

Back on it today, back in work, back to usual routine except there’s no Zumba as she’s off on maternity leave now until the end of July. I’m hoping to get the wii out and do a few Zumba wii sessions but these back to work early mornings are a killer. I definitely love my sleep too much!

Have a good week peeps and remember, track, track, track! {sig}

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  • Reply Tim

    Sounds like you know why you gained which means you know what to do to get a good weigh in result next time.

    Good luck!!!

    13/06/2012 at 8:16 pm
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