Weigh in update…week 71


The scales showed I’d lost 0.5lb this week. Not great to be honest but i’ll take it! Was hoping for more but overall it’s still a loss so that’s better than a gain I guess.

After weigh in I went to a local pub with my lovely friend who’s leaving for America next week. She’s taking the amazing opportunity to work in a Summer Camp and although it might be a little daunting for her, (spending the Summer with complete strangers and being away from all your family and friends for 12 weeks is quite scary!) it is going to be an incredible experience. If you’re reading this L, have a fantastic time, enjoy every minute and come back safe and well to tell me all about it.

I have got to say one of the ‘perks’ aside from weight loss with WW is the support I get. I have made so many brilliant friends at class who have a genuine interest in me and my life. I do really enjoy the meetings and getting to know people and what’s their motivation to come to class. It really does help. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the support I receive from my Twitter friends and from the lovely people I’ve got to know are AMAZING! I really do appreciate all your support, your hints and tips and positive words of encouragement.

Onwards and downwards {sig}

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  • Reply Sarah with love 30/05/2012 at 5:53 pm

    0.5 off is better than on! Maybe try and eat some more of your weeklies this week if your exercising again as although you only lost 1/2 it still worked as you lost some rather than gain like last couple weeks. might be worth trying, just a thought! personally myself i use most mine towards beginning of week and then your metabolism is working hard and continues to for the next couple days whilst your on daily points.

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