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I went to Zumba last night in the heat and jeez, it was hot! I wore cropped jogging bottoms and a vest top as I thought I would be cooler, how wrong was I? Because my clothes were baggy, I actually managed to retain the heat within my clothes and got so sweaty.

Even though I’m pretty much (give a lb or two) the lightest weight I’ve been for a very long time, I really felt fat and wobbly last night. I didn’t like the way my clothes fell when I was jumping around and I could feel the gravity pulling on my trousers. I don’t think I’ll be wearing them again. I’ll stick to my full length running joggers and my t-shirt because that at least I feel reasonably comfortable in those. For the first time since I’ve been at that class I felt huge. Not sure why, no-one had said anything to me but I just felt like the largest woman in there. I know I wasn’t but I just felt it.

This past week has been an odd one. Because of the heat and chronic hayfever, I haven’t done much exercise. You don’t actually realise how much you take for granted the ability to breathe through your nose when you can’t actually breathe through it at all! Zumba was cancelled last Wednesday so I didn’t do that, I did take the dog for a 40 minute walk but with the heat, it was a slow paced walk (mainly because the dog is far too hot to do anything more strenuous). Thursday was a scheduled date night so me and hubby went to the pub for dinner so no exercise there. Friday evening was spent at the footy with hubby and his family. He had the opportunity to play at Bescot (home of Walsall FC) in a charity game, so we went along to support; again, no exercise there except for a stroll with the dog before the game. I really suffered on Friday night/ Saturday morning with toothache so watched the clock from midnight through to 4am, eventually falling asleep in a daze of paracetamol and ibroprufen. Unfortunately for me, I took the painkillers at the same time which lead to my body having some sort of reaction to the drugs and I couldn’t lie still. I felt as though my body was pulsing and it was such a horrible experience. I didn’t know what to do with myself and I could have cried, I felt so miserable. Saturday was a complete right off. I stayed in my pj’s all day and sought refuge in the lounge which was lovely and cool despite the gorgeous heat outside. I did fall asleep for 3 hours on the sofa mid-afternoon which did help with my face ache but I felt like a proper zombie all day. Thanks to a better night’s sleep I was able to get up early on Sunday morning and go for a walk with the dog with my sister and brother-in-law around Sandwell Valley. We clocked up over 5 mile and was pleased we walked earlier in the morning as by lunchtime it was getting very warm again and the dog wouldn’t have coped.

On the food front, I’ve eaten my dailies (36pp) and dipped into about 18/49 of my weeklies. Over all, I’ve earned 34 activity points so far so in theory that should counteract the weeklies that I’ve eaten. But I just feel fat. I don’t feel like I’ve lost any weight this week and I don’t feel like it’s shifting at all.

Weigh in looms so we’ll have to wait and see! I need a serious injection of PMA, anyone got any spare?


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  • Reply Linz M 29/05/2012 at 3:39 pm

    I think we all have fat days and the fact you felt shitty at the weekend can’t have helped. You have done brilliantly though, you know how far you have come. Good luck for WI tonight, I am sure it will all be good xx

  • Reply Moonstorm 29/05/2012 at 10:31 pm

    You can do it, you know you can. I think the heat affects most people. I don’t like it when it’s hot because I feel ‘fatter’. The toothache hasn’t helped either. You’ll be fine – you normally inspire us :) Good luck with the weigh in.

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