Operation dress continues..


My friend’s wedding is in 2 weeks and you all know how much I wanted a dress to fit me for the occasion. Well, yesterday before I went to my nephew’s 4th birthday party, I tried it on.

IT ZIPS UP!!! {insert enormous grin here}

I cannot tell you how excited I was that it actually does up. It’s still a little tight and there’s not much room for breathing eating or drinking yet but I have two weeks to make a difference. I really hope that in two weeks time it fits well and the way I want it too. I have ordered a pair of nude court shoes and handbag to match and have also ordered a bow type accessory for my hair. Not sure what to wear on top of the dress as it’s a bit nippy with the weather at the moment so am on the look out for a cardigan or pashmina type wrap to keep me warm. All in all I’m very excited that it looks like I’ll be able to wear the dress and feel brilliant for getting into it. There will be lots of photographs on the day. So exciting!

I started week 2 of the C25k on Friday after work and it was tough! I’m finding it a real struggle to run after a day at work but will keep at it. Was supposed to do session 2 this morning but went for a good walk with my Sister and the woofer over Sandwell Valley.

Yesterday was my nephew’s 4th birthday and he had a party at a soft play centre. The good thing was that adults can go on it too so I spent the morning running after 4 year olds on the assault course and on the slides. It was ace. Tiring but great fun.

I also saw a few people that I hadn’t seen for a while at the party and they all commented on how well I looked. Which is fab ‘cos before when I was fatter they’d say that meaning ‘you’ve put weight on’ but now I know they mean ‘oh you’ve lost weight’ so that’s nice and reassuring that people can actually tell the difference.

We had a Chinese takeaway for Dinner so shared a portion of chicken chow mein with my Sister with a small handful of chips and a couple of triangles of sesame prawn toast. Actually found it rather greasy so won’t be in a hurry to have that again.

Am really hoping that the scales are nice to me on Tuesday, I know my body shape is changing even if the scales aren’t so that’s definitely a positive but am desperate to get into the next stone bracket and closer to my 5 stone total loss!

Hope you’re all enjoying a lovely Bank Holiday weekend and enjoy the lie in tomorrow (if you get one!) {sig}

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  • Reply Moonstorm 06/05/2012 at 6:40 pm

    Well done :) I do so love that dress. Sometimes it’s better to measure than weigh! Keep going and well done again.

  • Reply Lauren - Big Eejit 07/05/2012 at 7:30 pm

    WELL DONE!!!!! What a super feeling that is. Interesting what you said about the greasiness of the Chinese, I can’t eat a whole portion anymore since dieting. It’s amazing how our bodies adapt.

    Can’t wait to see pictures of you in The Dress :) xxx

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