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Week two of C25k is complete and here’s the proof…


I actually found myself wanting to run that extra bit longer (we’re talking seconds here not minutes, but i’m hoping that time will come!) so I’m looking forward to the next week which includes longer intervals of running and less intervals of walking.

I’m a bit frustrated by the app I’m using though, I set it up (with Mapmyfitness running in the background so I can keep track of the distance) and then put it in the top pocket in my jacket. It seems when I do this the voice over on the app doesn’t tell me when to run and then walk so I end up running for longer and wondering when the next interval is going to kick in. I’ve taken to holding my phone whilst I run which isn’t ideal so I’ve invested in one of those arm bands that holds your phone and a key whilst running so hopefully that will help.

I’m also looking at buying some new running gear as my trackie bottoms that I’m wearing at the moment are a little baggy and feel quite heavy. Don’t worry I’m not thinking lycra leggings just yet but some better fitted running trousers of some sort, these ones from sports gear UK are perfect. I’m also looking for a new sports bra too as the two of the three I own aren’t very supportive now I’ve shrunk.

C25k Week 3 consists of a 5 minute warm up then 2 lots of this… jog/run for 2 minutes, walk for 2 minutes, jog for 3 minutes then walk for 2 minutes. Eeeeek, running for 3 minutes! I’m planning on starting this tomorrow morning so fingers crossed I can do it.

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