Blink and you’ll miss it!


The weekend that is! Can’t believe it’s Monday evening already.

We had a rather eventful and expensive weekend. Woofer decided to eat something rather unpleasant on Friday evening resulting in a trip to the emergency vets. An hour and a couple of hundred quid later we are back home nursing a poorly dog who has been given liquid charcoal, anti-inflammatory injection and some antibiotics for any infection. Looks like our lovely Westie has a fancy for pebbles from the garden! Friday evening’s sleep was disturbed by a rather distressed doggy pacing the length of the bedroom whimpering in discomfort so being the incredibly kind ‘Mummy’ I got up with him at 2:50am only managing to fall back to sleep at 5am on the sofa. Managed to snooze until 8am then crawled off the sofa to make an appointment with our vets for 9am. Luckily we are covered for treatment at our own vets under the Pet Health Scheme so no more nasty shocks bill wise. Mikey is now back to normal but we’re having to watch his every move in the garden so he doesn’t pick up something he shouldn’t.

The rest of Saturday was spent at the Hairdressers getting my hair cut and coloured for next weekend’s Wedding of the Year and baking my Dad a yummy chocolate Birthday cake. He had a slice of hubby’s birthday cake in last month and loved it so thought I’d make him one of his very own. He did have to share it with another 8 of us at his birthday dinner yesterday but we left him with plenty for the rest of the week.

I managed to squeeze in my 1st session of my 3rd week  of #C25k on Sunday morning. I actually ran for 3 whole minutes. Quite unbelievable really. I’ve bought an armband which I wore and it’s brilliant. Didn’t have to hold my phone and I could still see the timer if I needed to. Managed to clock up 9 activity points yesterday. Who says Sunday was a day of rest!

I’ve been to Zumba tonight and I’m shattered now. Haven’t got a clue how it’ll go on the scales tomorrow but we’ll see. I’ve been good all week and have only used a few of my weeklies so it’s all up to the weigh in gods now! {sig}

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