Spa Day Saturday..

Yesterday I drove up to Hoar Cross Hall’s Eden Spa for my friends Hen Day. We’d booked a day of rest and relaxation and wow, it was just what the doctor ordered. It was brilliant. I wasn’t sure what to expect or whether I would enjoy it but I really did.


First up, I went to the gym. Yes, I did just say that. I went to the gym to complete my second workout of the C25K. The gym was quite quiet so I found myself a treadmill and started the session which went incredibly fast and I actually really enjoyed it.

As part of the package you are encouraged to take part in some of the activities. There’s loads to choose from including Zumba, Spin, Aqua Splash, Golf, Biking and more. We’d all booked in for Aqua Splash so after I’d got changed I found the Hydrotherapy Pool and took part in the aqua aerobics style class. That was enough strenuous activity for one morning so then enjoyed the Aqua Detox facilities. There’s water jets, saunas, steam rooms, a saltwater pool, jacuzzi’s and whirlpools. There’s even a plunge pool which is absolutely freezing but supposedly encourages good circulation and is very refreshing.

We all met up for lunch in the restaurant (you can wear your robe in there too!) and enjoyed a three course a la carte meal with additional salad and veg from the buffet. I choose Spicy Chicken Balantine with Cous Cous to start (this course was tiny), Penne with Mushroom and Spinach for mains and a good ol’ fashioned Treacle Tart for Dessert. This was all washed down with diet Pepsi so didn’t go too overboard with the calories.

We enjoyed a good couple of hours catching up and enjoying (being poked in the back isn’t really my cuppa tea!) the massage chairs in the relaxation room. There was even a snooze room where you could lie down and enjoy the darkened room with twinkly lights. One of the girls fell asleep in here for a good couple of hours so really did feel relaxed.  I had a lovely day and really enjoyed meeting up with the bride to be’s friends. I’d met some of them before at the pub so it was nice to find out a bit more about them and what they’re wearing for the wedding. I’m still planning to wear the dress so hope I can squeeze into it in time.

I’d managed to work up 5 activity points at the Spa all in all but my stupid pedometer reset itself in the car on the way home, I wasn’t impressed!

All in all, a lovely Saturday and I’d love to go back again soon (hint hint Shilts!) {sig}

Emma Shilton

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