Confessions of a sweetie-holic


Forgive me (insert applicable saintly figure here) for I have sinned! I have eaten way too many sweets, chocolate and ice cream! I seem to have activated my self-destruction button and I’m eating rubbish. I even told my Weight Watchers leader this morning via text that I was hoping to get back on track today. I did well until dinner time, hubby made my all time favourite chilli meatballs with rice which was delicious, then I just wanted an ice cream fix. I seem to have picked up a really sore throat too (I’m thinking my nephew might have something to do with it!) I’m feeling really crappy at the moment and need to shake myself out of this spiral of being good then ruining all my good work giving in. I feel guilty afterwards so I know it’s not doing me any good.

Well if you’re still reading, thank you! I’ve got a massive walk planned for the morning so let’s hope I can lose my negativity and come back refreshed… Until next time {sig}

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