Weigh in update: Week 10, 2012


I was really keen to jump on the scales at weigh in tonight because I’ve had a really good week and done quite a bit of exercise so imagine my face when the scales showed I had stayed the same. Insert sad face here!

Well, I’m not too sad because I’ve had lots of lovely comments recently about my shape, my cheekbones, my face looking slimmer and the state of my clothes looking too big which is all very complimentary so I can’t complain too much. I know I’ve lost 7lb in the past two weeks and my body might need time to adjust to the weight loss so will give it a week off but it best be ready to change for next week. I’m planning on more exercise, more water and less treats (use activity points for more filling foods i.e toast rather than chocolate!)

So another week to go until I ‘might‘ be able to order them gorgeous shoes! There’s nothing like an incentive to keep the motivation up.

As I’m typing this I’m watching the Final of The UK’s Biggest Loser and WOW, what a change! All of the contestants have done brilliantly and look fantastic. I’m sitting here thinking that could be me in another 6-12 months time if I keep at it. I could look AMAZING. The clothes I could be wearing might be sized UK 12-14 and I might look at the Christmas photo’s and be happy with them. That’s enough to spur me on and keep on track with WW and all the exercise. So I’ll sign off with a quote from the goddess of fitness, Jillian Michaels…

Have a good week {sig}

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