Testing my willpower…


I’m being tested this week. I bought my friend at work some Haribo as she’ll be doing some of my work next week whilst I’ll be off on annual leave (so excited by this!) and I told her not to open them until I was out of the office. Did she heck? She opened the massive bag and placed them on my desk. Luckily, I had the WW sweets at hand to keep my sweet tooth happy.

I had my little box of sweets and I was happy and rather chuffed that I didn’t give into temptation. Apparently Weight Watchers have bought out some Fruit Bear gummy sweets which are pretty much identical to Haribo. They’re 75p and only 2pp per bag. They’ll be on the WW shop at weigh in on Tuesday so will buy a packet and let you know how tasty they are.

Came home yesterday and my lovely in-laws had left me a box of Lindt chocolates for Easter. So far so good but at least I can ration those. Walked into the office today, my last day at work for the Easter holidays and sitting on my desk was a massive packet of  treat size Haribo and a packet of mini Malteser bunnies.

I’ve been for a walk with the dog this evening and have eaten a few naughties (2 tiny packets of Haribo, 2 Lindt chocs and a mini Maltester bunny) but I’m only 6pp over for the day so they can come out of my weeklies.

Tomorrow I’m London bound to stay with my oldest friend (we’ve known each other over 29 years as our Mom’s were on the same Maternity ward back in 1982) and I’m really excited to see her, catch up and have a good girly weekend. I’m hoping the walking I’m planning on doing seeing the sights will help with my weightloss and counteract the one cupcake I plan to eat.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend {sig}

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