Weigh in update: Week 5 2012


This last week has flown by. Honestly, it has gone so quick. Weigh in tonight showed I’d lost 1lb so was very happy with that as I’d had a few biscuits here and there. Although I didn’t point them, I did keep an eye on how much I was eating and stopped myself eating more than my weekly allowance would allow.


So that’s it, i’m back at my lowest ever weigh for at least the last 6 or 7 years and i’m thrilled!  I’ve got 14lb until I get to my 75lb certificate and I want it! I want it bad. I can actually see it. 14lb isn’t that far away I just need to remember that when I want a biscuit or something outside of my daily/weekly allowance.

I’ve eaten a bit of chocolate this evening and now i’m ready to get back on it in the morning. I’ve got 3 more days of being out of the office (all will be revealed at end of week but it’s really not that exciting!) and then it’s half term. Can’t wait to get back into my usual routine and get walking with the dog and doing more exercise. I actually want to go to the gym! How mad is that? The snow hasn’t helped as we’ve had quite a bit here and it’s still frozen onto the pavements. It’s so tough to walk on black ice trying to balance and not fall over on your arse!

Anyway bring on week 6, i’m ready for it! {sig}

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