Meal Planning Monday 20.02.2012


Woohoo! It’s Monday, I’m back at work, hubby is back at work and I’m so chuffed to be getting back into a routine. Jury Service and half term have really messed with my usual routine and now I’m excited to get back into a good healthy routine to see the next couple of stone shifted. As usual, meal planning is key and here’s the line up for this week’s meals.

Monday: Low Fat Sausages, Mash and Vegetables
Tuesday: Pancakes with sugar and lemon juice (& possibly chocolate Philadelphia…)
Wednesday: Battered Fish, WW chips and mushy peas (usual weekly appearance)
Thursday: Chicken cooked in new WW garlic and herb bag, potatoes and vegetables
Friday: Cajun chicken and rice
Saturday: Chicken and vegetable stir fry (Hubby is in London for the day so i’ll be eating solo)

Breakfasts will consist of Alpen Porridge (Yes, I’m still ploughing through it) and the usual mix of Granola (Jordan’s Tropical Fruit)  with WW yoghurt and selection of tinned fruit (Pear/Peaches/Mandarins).

Lunches will include ham salad on WW wraps,  zero propointed vegetable soup and pasta salads. I usually team lunch with a packet of Velvet Crunch and a piece of fruit.

I’m really hoping I can start to see a difference on the scales from now on. I really want to make good progress towards the next stone and I’m itching to buy new clothes in smaller sizes. (I wore my new*ish jeans on Friday night and they are now too big, I bought them in November for my birthday!) I’m going to resist though as it is getting quite expensive. As long as I look professional and smart for work then I’ll have to make do with my homey stuff…or i’ll just live in my pjs.

I’m hoping to get baking at the weekend and I might experiment with a few new meal ideas next week, Jen over at Suburban Mum has been cooking up Chorizo and Bean Chilli which sounds right up my street so I’m hoping to try that out and Sarah’s Spicy Mexican Chicken with rice is also high up on my shopping list for the weekend. Mealtimes don’t have to be boring do they!

For more foodie inspiration, head over to Mrs M’s blog to get those taste buds going {sig}

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  • Reply Suburban Mum 20/02/2012 at 10:28 pm

    You can’t beat fish and chips. I’m so glad we have ways and means of having a (relatively) low point alternative, or I know I wouldn’t last on this plan! Tell me… what is chocolate Philadelphia? Is it just the two mixed together? I can never marry cream cheese with sweet things even though I’ve made cream cheese frosting for cakes on numerous occasions!

  • Reply Soggywetlettuceleaf 20/02/2012 at 10:44 pm

    You inspired a change on my blog, meal planning monday rather than motivational monday – i like it!
    Also loving the NSV through baggy clothes, annoying at times as it costs money but the best feeling ever :)

  • Reply Lauren - Big Eejit 20/02/2012 at 11:00 pm

    Haha I have ham wraps and either Velvet Crunch or Skips for my lunch! Great minds…. ;)

  • Reply Paul Fat4Now 20/02/2012 at 11:28 pm

    Sounds like you got it all planned
    Well done on the Zumba.
    Proud of you

  • Reply Seren 21/02/2012 at 7:53 am

    Hurrah for routine – it really is the key to making WW work, isn’t it?

    Good luck for the week ahead.


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