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At our WW class on Tuesday evening, most of the group were downbeat after gaining weight. We didn’t gain much but it was 0.5lb here and 1lb there, enough to feel slightly disappointed with the week’s achievements. Jim, our leader, spoke to us about what our motivations are and what we want to achieve. The group got talking about each other’s bad habits and what we do in a good week compared to what we do in a week where we gained weight.  Some of the group just didn’t track. They didn’t bother writing down what they’d eaten or drunk and slightly over calculated in their heads what their daily intake had been. Some had just let their emotions take over and proceeded to raid the cupboards for anything sweet and alcoholic. Some just didn’t bother with WW at all and decided to eat whatever they wanted knowing that it wasn’t healthy and would probably make them gain weight.

It was obvious that whilst we are all on our own individual journeys with our weight loss, we all need support. It got me thinking about what support I have and how it helps me. First up our leader Jim is great. He has a closed group on Facebook and we all have his phone number to catch him when we need him. He reminds us each week that he’s there should we need him and to call or text if we feel we’re going to crumble and fall off the wagon.


The support of the class is immense. There’s a group of around 15 of us that encourage, motivate and inspire each other to do well. We don’t judge each other. We’re all completely different people with completely different backgrounds but we’ve all got something in common, we all want to lose weight; whether it’s 5lb or 50lb. We go to different WW classes but met through our previous leader, Deb. This week alone, we’ve helped each other to get back on the straight and narrow, track what we’ve eaten, drink plenty of water, encouraged each other not to go to fast food outlets and make positive choices. The support is fantastic.


Of course, my hubby is very supportive but he’s never been overweight. I do believe that until you’ve been put in a situation you never actually know what it’s like. I really do appreciate him going food shopping so I don’t buy the food that’s on offer (BOGOF, 3 for 2 etc) and usually mega pointed. I also really appreciate that he cooks meals for us both from our whole stash of WW recipes. I have about 10 of the recipe books now, each with their own brilliant, mouth-watering ideas and whilst they are a little expensive, they are worth the money and take out the hassle of pointing everything up.

I must also mention the support I get on my blog and on Twitter, is fantastic. I really appreciate every comment/tweet that congratulates me or encourages me to get back or stay on track.  It spurs me on to want to make a good day turn into a good week so that I can see positive changes, not just on the scales but with my fitness too. I really enjoy reading other peoples blogs. I love to see what progress their making and how they’re losing weight. My personal favourites are down there on the right hand side of my blog.

So, if you’ve ever supported me on this WW journey I really do appreciate it. I have a small handful of blogging friends who are worth their weight in gold (even if we do want to lose some of it) and I just want each of you to know that you’re great and it really is appreciated. Please don’t stop supporting me. I have a long way to go but I really want to get there and hope you’ll be along for the ride.



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  • Reply Paul F4N 17/02/2012 at 5:08 pm

    Ditto. Support i get off you and all the other bloggers and twitter universe just makes it all a little easier. You’re doing amazing. Keep up the fab work x

  • Reply Suburban Mum 18/02/2012 at 1:30 pm

    Your group sounds really supportive. Mine is huge – about 50 people – and the leader Pam is very good – we all have her number like yours, and when I’ve missed a week (even for legitimate reasons!) she always checks I’m ok. If you want another moral supporter, then email me and I’ll let you have my WW user name! You’ve done so well, I need to borrow some of your willpower and determination :)

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