Weigh in Update: Blue Tuesday


I went to weigh in this evening and found out I’d only lost 0.5lb on the scales! I was totally unimpressed and disheartened by it. I’m wondering if I need to have a complete week with no weeklies and be uber strict with myself (no picking a cluster of granola and not pointing it!)

I’m falling out of love with the gym again because I’m feeling far too guilty about leaving the dog at home on his own after work. Hubby will be home tonight so I can go straight from work and do a work out. I’m going to have a word with myself and make a proper effort with going on a more regular basis.

Looking back over the last week, I haven’t enjoyed the exercise I’ve been doing. I tried to do a workout on the new Zumba fitness game for the wii but didn’t feel like I was actually doing anything. I think the old version is much better and should probably stick with that for the foreseeable. The same goes for my Zumba class on Monday night. I was taking part and dancing like everyone else but didn’t feel like I’d actually had a good work out. I usually drink a whole bottle of water at Zumba but hardly touched my bottle on Monday.

Time for change methinks. I need a new workout at the gym so I know exactly what I’m doing when I get there, I need a new routine for exercise (perhaps a new class, step or something similar so should look at what other classes the gym does included in my membership) I will still be going to my usual Zumba class and try harder next week to put more energy into it.

Next week marks our final WW class with our current leader Deb. It’ll be a sad one but I think it’s probably time for a shake up. Change is good, it marks time to reassess everything and make positive changes instead of getting stuck in a rut and slipping back into old habits. We’ve been told we have a new male leader called Jim. I’ve done a bit of research and I think one of my blog friends knows him so it will be interesting to see how he interacts with everyone who is so used to doing everything Debs way.

Enough misery from me, I’ve given myself a slap and I’m back at it. I’ve just had homemade carrot and lentil soup for lunch with a plain WW tortilla wrap and a packet of WW crisps and I’m on a mission to drink plenty of fluid.

Did you know? 6 dashes of semi-skimmed milk in your hot drinks throughout the day could equate to 4ProPoints being used. On that note, I’m off to put the kettle on {sig}

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