The one where I tell myself off!


This weekend has been awful diet wise. I’ve eaten crap foods I know I shouldn’t eat as they’re high in points but for some stupid reason I’ve still done it. Friday night, I had ate my WW pizza followed by half a bag of onion rings that hubby had bought for his lads night in. I then ate a slice of takeaway pizza just because it smelt amazing!

Saturday was going well but I didn’t plan my food intake properly and decided I’d eat the party food instead of eating before we went to fill me up.  I ate a good plateful of buffet food and a slice of black forest gateaux, luckily I washed it all down with diet coke as I don’t drink a lot of alcohol.

Today, we have been out for a good walk so that will have helped but I’ve eaten far too many ‘proper’ crisps (again left over from Poker night) so have asked told hubby to remove them from the house and take them to work. I’m like a child. If it’s there, i’ll eat it! Why can’t I just ignore it and eat the healthy stuff we have in. I’ve chomped my way through a bag of Funsize Cadbury’s chocs, I knew it was a bad idea when I suggested to buy them but I still did it. I really am my own worst enemy sometimes.

Well enough is enough, I’ve spent the last hour on Twitter and Facebook confessing my sins with my fabulous pals all giving me encouragement to get back at it, (thank you Paul, Lauren, Lorna & the ‘Bury WW ladies & gents) I’m going to get back on track tomorrow and have a good week! {sig}

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  • Reply Lauren - Big Eejit 22/01/2012 at 9:04 pm

    You’re welcome lovely :) in the wise words of Anne of Green Gables: “I love tomorrow. Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it…” X

  • Reply Chantelle 22/01/2012 at 11:05 pm

    You’ll be fine hun, we all have a lapse like this! Don’t beat yourself up too much! xxx

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