Sprocket cushion loveliness


Since Christmas, I’ve been itching to get back at the sewing machine. I’ve got so many ideas for things that I’d like to make and have recently bought some gorgeous Storeyboek fabric from the States to make some bathroom goodies. I’ll blog about those when I’ve made them. Today, whilst on my lunch break taking my mind off new starters and payroll amendments, I came across a tutorial for a fabulous sprocket cushion. After having a good read, I decided this is how I was going to spend my Friday evening, rock and roll eh? So, after taking the woofer out for a quick walk and cooking the dinner I found out my stash of Denyse Schmidt Hope Valley fabrics and began to create my very own.

I think it looks absolutely fab and I’m pleased with how it looks but have realised that I am a crap hand stitcher! My finishing skills are shocking and I really could do with a few tips. I might give my Mom a call and let her revel in giving me sewing lessons again. I think my sewing machine could do with a good service too, I’ve noticed a few stitches every so often looking a bit squiffy. Again, i’ll call my Mom and see if she can help!

There are so many fabric sales on at the moment that I daren’t even look at them. I have so much fabric (mostly FQs) that I need to use up before even contemplating buying more I need to get a shift on this year and make a dent in it. {sig}

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  • Reply Paul Fat4Now 08/01/2012 at 1:03 am

    Maybe now im back at WW and cutting down on drink and not dating
    I could do with a new hobby….

    Happy New Year lovely
    Good luck for 2012

  • Reply gale 14/01/2012 at 8:32 am

    This is beautiful!! I love the blue and gray together-just gorgeous.

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